Interesting! Nrityagram Is India’s First Dance Village

Miles away from the IT hub of India, there is a village that keeps itself isolated from city life. The hamlet nestles among the last surviving land of the city. Amidst this off-beaten track, there exists culture, rhythm, and tradition. A place where your five senses stay alive! A place where dancers lose themselves in the mid of nature! Nrityagram is not just a Gurukul but the first dance village of India. Here is its introduction.

About Nrityagram: Introducing its cultural aspects

Nrityagram is India’s First Dance Village to Bring Dance and Nature
Photo of ‘Nrityagram’ by pupilinblow under CC BY-ND 2.0

If dance is euphoria, this village celebrates every euphoric sense that this art form comprise. As the name clearly describes, Nrityagram is the dance hamlet in Bangalore. It is the first modern dance Gurukul of the country. The founder Protima Gauri is an Odissi dancer who left Mumbai in the year 1989 and decided to give a new definition to classical dance forms

She who is crazy about dancing will find a natural bliss when performing under the glories of nature. The residential school was founded in 1990. Designed by a reputable architect Gerard da Cunha, the building houses the vernacular architectural design. Much to the knowledge, Indian vernacular architecture is functional and purposed for rural areas. It includes local materials as the raw products for building.

Words from the Founder

When asked about the dance village, Protima Gauri described it as a community of dancers in the forsaking place in the mid of nature. Nothing exists here, except for dance. The place teaches you how to you connect your daily chores with dance. You eat, pray, love, live, imagine, and talk – dance. It is the first dance village of India where you leave your bad qualities behind only to purify your soul through dance.

Dance is a meditation and therapy for them. Small-mindedness, jealousy, and greed, do not have a place in the hearts of dancers in Nrityagram. They believe in supporting each other in the dancing journey and becoming a proficient professional. If you’ve been there, you already know that it’s none other than Nrityagram. And, if you don’t have any idea of the village, here’s taking you in the loop. For a crazy dance lover, she finds her inner peace of mind in the village. Let’s see how you can visit.

A tour to the dance village

Nrityagram is India’s First Dance Village to Bring Dance and Nature
Photo of ‘Nrityagram’ by pupilinblow under CC BY-ND 2.0

Let’s first talk about the tour. It will be a self-guided one. Yes, you can bring a small group to share your thoughts with them. You need to book a tour of 45 minutes. You get the chance to see the campus, watch rehearsals, and explore. If you want to book a ticket for the private performance, then you get a chance to watch Odissi performance for 15 minutes. Also, you can come in a small group to enjoy the diversifying heritage in the studio. You get to watch the respectable performers as well as Gurus of the dance village.

Some dos

  • Do fix an appointment and visit between 10 am to 2 pm from Tuesday to Saturday
  • For Sundays, you do not need an appointment
  • Do not address dancers when they are practising or in the dance hall and have patience
  • Do visit their official site in case of any query

Some don’ts

  • Do not take photographs inside
  • Do not take any videos
  • The campus is not available for film-shooting
  • The campus does not offer rental services, so ask the office for rents in close proximity to the place

Summing up

From Lynne Fernandez to Surupa Sen, the journey of this dance village could not be anything more fantastic without these two personalities. While the former one is a famous actress and light designer, the latter is the first student of this Gurukul. Their first international journey in New York made them receive rave feedback. It wins praises from fans and true lovers of dance. Well, you can know further by paying a visit!

Featured Photo of ‘Nrityagram’ by pupilinblow under CC BY-ND 2.0

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