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Have you heard about world’s highest railway bridge which is being constructed in Jammu and Kashmir? If not, let me tell you some interesting things about World’s Highest Rail Bridge in Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. This is being constructed on the valley of Chenab river in Indian state of J & K. The bridge is still under construction and is planned to open in the year of 2019.

Here are few interesting things about the world’s highest Railway bridge:

chenab bridge photo

  1. Once completed, Chenab river bridge will be world’s highest rail bridge with a height of almost 360 m i.e. around 1178 feet from the river bed.
  2. The bridge is even taller than Paris’s Eiffel Tower than almost 30 m.
  3. The good news for locals of the state and even for travellers visiting J& K is that, after completion of this bridge, the railway travel from Jammu to capital city Srinagar which now takes almost around 11 hours will be completed within 5 hours.
  4. The arch bridge, an ambitious project of railway department to connect Kashmir to the entire country is said to have a required security setup, considering all the possible quakes as well as terror dangers.
  5. The arch bridge has been planned in a technique that it can survive an eight Richter scale earthquake and there will not be any damage to this bridge.
  6. The designing of the bridge is in such a way that it can also withstand high intensity blasts. The designing of the bridge stands with anti-terror features as per the consultation with DRDO i.e. Defence Research and Development Organization.
  7. Built in the Indian state Jammu and Kashmir, the Chenab Bridge is constructed with concrete and steel in the Reasi district between Kauri and Bakkal area.
  8. The construction of Chenab river bridge was started during 2004 and will be completed by 2019. During 2008 – 2009, due to continuous weather changes and high velocity winds, the work was temporarily paused considering the safety of rail workers and passengers.
  9. The arch bridge is 1.3 km long and is a part of a huge ambitious project of India. The construction has been carried out under AFCONS, the Konkan railways, the third biggest construction grouping in India. at a cost of 1,250 Cr.
  10. After completion, the arch bridge can be able to hold up wind of speed of almost 260 km per hour.
  11. The calculated life duration of Chenab river bridge will last for almost 120 years.
  12. Trains at the high speed of around 100 km per hour can travel on the bridge.
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Photo by Balaji Photography – 4.3 M Views and Growing and bhisham


Interesting Facts About World’s Highest Rail Bridge In Jammu And Kashmir

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