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Indore Food – from the best foodie city in India

Indore won the ‘Best Foodie City’ award in 2012 at the NDTV Good Times Food Awards. Let’s explore the top five reasons which accord the city this status.

Night Eateries:

The ‘Sarafa’ street in Indore is one of the most famous food streets in the city, which gets lit up at night. During the day this large spacious street welcomes shoppers who primarily want to buy jewellery. However, around eight pm every day, it metamorphoses into a food street. Food joints start setting up their paraphernalia and entertain the customers from 8.30 pm after the jewellery shops close their business. The road remains busy till the early morning hours. After some hours of respite, the jewellery stores start their business. These two totally different kind of businesses run peacefully in an alternate manner. From chaats and kachoris to dahi vada to halwa and jalebi, you can eat all the different

cuisines there and satisfy your taste buds. The Sarafa Street becomes a haven for dessert lovers. It even offers gajak, rasgulla, rasmalai and ice cream.

Chappan Dukan:

With 56 shops set parallel to one another, this place is a sanctuary for Indian Food & Indore Food lovers. It serves delicious and tasty food items. From breakfast up till dinner, the shops here offer all types of items to kill that hunger urge in you. From 6 am till about 10 pm, the eateries keep serving the customers relentlessly. Apart from some famous sweet shops and food joints, there are some grocery stores too. Swings are set up for the enjoyment of children and a range of games like balloon shooting are also available. See Also: Chappan Bazaar – A Visit to Indore is Incomplete Without It

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Indori Namkeen:

This spicy sweet combination is replete with the Indore taste. The namkeens are spicy and salty with a unique flavour for every variety which appeals to all the people. The sev, available in forms like laung sev or lahsun sev is eaten alone or used as a garnishing ingredient on sandwiches. It is usually added in chaat items to make it crispier. Bhujia is another famous namkeen which is a mandatory snack with tea in Indore. It is spicy and usually blended with more flavours for an Indori touch. Aloo Chiwda is a form of namkeen which is popular in the city during Navratri. It is relished with peanuts and cashews and, also considered a fulfilling snack for fasts.

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Sweets of Indore:

The sweets available here are the distinctive concoctions of the Indore people. Poha Jalebi, garnished with laung sev, is a famous breakfast here. This combination might seem slightly eccentric but, this is the most enjoyed street food in Indore. Sheetal Pey is a sweet tasting milk drink prepared with dry fruits. It is one of the specialities of Indore and the best Sheetal Pey is found in the above mentioned Sarafa market. The spicy moong dal bhajiya accompanied with sweet imarti is another famous dish here.

Chhawni Chowk:

The ‘Chhawni Chowk’ is another great place to have food in Indore. It is a busy street but, houses some sweet shops which serve cheap and tasty snacks. The saubudana khichdi can be bought for as little as Rs. 5 in most of the shops here.

Now you know where to make a halt the next time you visit Indore. These irresistible food items are a must have for every foodie. So, make a note and plan a trip to the food capital of Central India

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Featured Photo by Dhinal Chheda

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