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Photo By VikramDeep

Situated at an altitude higher than Rohtang Pass, around 3,978 m from the sea level, Kunzum pass Separates stunning Lahaul and Spiti valleys via Kullu. Kunzum Pass undoubtedly offers an inconceivable 360 degree panoramic view of the world’s second highest glacier i.e. Bara – Shigri Glacier along with  a majestic landscape of Chandrabhaga Range as well as a stunning and spectacular vista of the Spiti valley.  Kunzum Pass is located on the east side of Kunzum Ranges of the great Himalayas at around 120 km from Manali.

kunzum pass photoThis enchanting vista of the pass is every photographer’s dream. The motor biking enthusiasts and adventure lovers are mostly fascinated to this place and the majestic view of Lahaul and Spiti valleys is known to them. Hence, every year, huge number of bikers and enthusiasts comes and visit this place to cherish and experience the spectacular view of Kunzum Pass by most exhilarating ride. The Kunzum Pass is a wonderful amalgamation of two diverse landscapes, one is arid and barren mountains with the turquoise water of Spiti river and other is of rough mountains and gigantic Lahaul glaciers.

The place is also very famous for the holy temple of Goddess Kunjum which is situated at the peak of Kunzum and every vehicle stops here to seek blessings from the goddess and pays respect to it. It is believed that the goddess keeps watch all over the pass and also of the evil power. As per the local tradition, the one who is visiting the temple is supposed to take a full circle of the devi temple with your vehicle. The place is surrounded by Chortans, Buddhist style Gompas and number of multi-coloured and vibrant prayer flags just the ones like on monasteries. So, one can see the influence of Buddhist and Buddhism in and around the place. These vibrant colourful prayer flags swaying with the snow-white wind definitely makes a whole surrounding as an amazing view and a view to behold.

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kunzum pass photo

The popular Kunzum pass which offers stunning view of Spiti valley, Lahaul and Manali, it also gives a jaw-dropping view of Bara-Sigri which is the second largest glacier of the world. From the peak of the Kunzum pass, one can also get glimpses of the Chandra – Bhaga mountain ranges with snow-capped peaks  along with stunning Spiti valley which has deserts like terrain. Along with the bikers and photography lovers, Kunzum pass is also very popular amongst the adventure seekers and trekkers and every year, trekkers not only from different parts of India, but trekkers and adventure lovers from different parts of the world visit this place for the serene and tranquil view of the place. The famous 12 km trek to Chandratal is very popular amongst the trekkers and is one more popular place in Lahaul and Spiti Valley. Though, there are no facilities for tourist and visitors available near Kunzum pass, one can visit Losar, a nearby village at a distance of around 16 km from Kunzum La and can ask for home accommodation facility which is run by locals and even for food facilities.

How to Travel:

By Air : Bhuntar town which is 170 km away from Kunzum Pass and 50 km far from Manali is the nearest airport.

By Train : Nearest railway stop is at Joginder Nagar which is around 50 km from Kunzum Pass.

By Road : The Kunzum Pass is 12 km from Manali, Himachal Pradesh. State buses operates from Delhi, Chandigarh and Lucknow. Private cars and bikes is the most feasible option.

Photo by VikramDeep

Photo by SRitwik

Photo by 4ocima

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