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Indian wedding other called to be the “Vivaah means superior dedication “ is the ancient custom that represents majesty, ritual, colors then decorative celebrations connected through the sacred occasion.In India wedding is celebrated as the ritual where a strong and secure union between two souls combining into one. Marriage not only denotes the foundation of two bonds between them, also the bonding of two families their relation as well.

There is nothing like a wedding – it provides a complete 360 degree view of an integration of a society and its cultures, heavily tossed with loads of noise and fun. It is like a salad preparation which has so many ingredients of love, family interactions, rituals, customs, social norms all thrown in with a dressing of pure fun and happiness. There are many wedding rituals of different communities and groups in India that bear testimony to what it means to retain originality in a country that is an epitome of multi-cultures.

Attire & Symbols
Wedding Rituals
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