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One of the most devastating natural disasters happens to be Earthquakes. Whenever we hear that an Earthquake has happened nearby we always get tensed and our immediate reaction to it is “Did anyone lose their lives?” Damage of an Earthquake is directly dependent upon on the magnitude of the quake, which is measured by the Richter scale; the higher the magnitude; the greater is the threat. In addition to this, the time the quake lasts also plays a major role; because if it happens for just a Nano second or two then the chances of destruction is pretty less while on the other hand if the Earthquake lasts for some time as in like for 10-15 seconds it is capable of destroying an entire city.
Earthquake takes many innocent lives and causes a lot of property damage; countries like Japan where Earthquakes happen regularly take preventive measures to control the impact of the quakes. Unfortunately, countries like India are not very used to facing earthquakes and therefore we have not taken any such preventive measures to reduce the impact of Earthquake. Hence, if earthquakes do happen in India then they leave a very devastating impact; leading to loss of hundreds of lives and destruction of property. In this article, I will tell you about 10 Indian cities, which are prone to Earthquakes

10 Indian Cities Which Are Prone To Earthquakes

earthquake photoFeatured Photo by EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid

1. Guwahati

If you go by the statements and reports of United Nations then according to their estimate almost every city of India would be exposed to earthquakes and storms by the year 2050. India has been divided into 4 seismic zones according to the seismic activity; for all those of who are wondering what is seismic activity; seismic activity means the sudden movement of the Earth’s crust due to volcanic activity or similar natural reasons. The seismic zones fall under Zone 2, 3, 4 and 5. Guwahati falls under Zone five of the seismic zone, which means that it is highly prone to Earthquakes. This place has witnessed many deadly Earthquakes in the past and they feel small tremors from time to time.

earthquake photoPhoto by CECAR – Climate and Ecosystems Change Adaptation R

2. Srinagar

The capital city of Jammu and Kashmir is the next city to make it to the list of 10 Indian cities, which are prone to Earthquakes. Srinagar has also been classified under zone 5 of the seismic activity division. The last major Earthquake felt in this region was in October 2015 where an Earthquake measuring 7.7 on the Richter scale was witnessed; it had taken the lives of 105 people across South Asia.

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earthquake photoPhoto by martinluff

3. Delhi

The national capital of India is next to make it to the list of Indian cities, which are prone to Earthquakes. It has been classified under Seismic zone 5 and has witnessed five Earthquakes to date, which had a magnitude of 5 or more on the Richter scale. There is a place called The Ridge in Delhi, which is about two miles away from the Yamuna River; this place is prone to facing earthquakes from time to time.



earthquake photoPhoto by theglobalpanorama

4. Mumbai

The 4th city to make it to the list of Indian cities which are prone to Earthquakes is Mumbai. It has been classified under Zone 4 of the seismic division; the reason why it has been classified as Zone 4 is because of the coastal side which increases the risk of Tsunami. Mumbai is known to face small magnitude earthquakes; Mumbai is probably one of the few cities, which has been designing and constructing their building keeping in mind that they fall under seismic zone 4. Since they are constructing their buildings accordingly chances are high that the buildings would be able to stand the impact; if God forbid a natural disaster occurs.

earthquake photoPhoto by EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid

5. Chennai

Chennai falls used to fall under Zone 2 of the seismic activity division but due to high seismic activity, it has been shifted to zone 3. Chennai has witnessed many heart shaking tremors in the past; the last major one was in 2001 when it had felt a tremor of a magnitude of 5.6 according to Richter scale. A few years ago, it was shaken due to earthquake, which had its epicenter in the Indian Ocean. The state of Tamil Nadu had also faced a Tsunami in 2004; which had almost broken Marina beach into pieces.

earthquake photoPhoto by /pitzyper!

6. Kerela

The 6th entry to make it to list of Indian cities which are prone to Earthquakes is Kerala. Kerala is known to have moderate tectonic movements but still has been classified under Zone 3 of the seismic activity division. On 25th April 2016, it had faced minor tremors which had made the people of Kerala really scared for a while.

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earthquake photoPhoto by EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid


Kolkata is the 7th city to make it to the list of Indian cities which are prone to Earthquakes. By God’s grace, Kolkata has never witnessed a devastating earthquake but small tremors are faced from time to time. In 2015, when Nepal earthquake had occurred; tremors were felt in Kolkata and had caused a building to lean. The little Earthquakes, which Kolkata has faced, has not been that devastating but still has taken the lives of few innocent souls and caused a little property damage. It falls under Zone 3 of seismic activity division.

earthquake photoPhoto by ghewgill

8. Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram is located in Kerala and falls under Zone 3 of the seismic activity division. 6 years back; in the month of November it was struck by a minor earthquake, which had an intensity of 3.4. However, the intensity of the earthquake was not very high but still this place is known to face minor earthquakes from time to time.

earthquake photoPhoto by martinluff

9. Patna

The last city to make it to the list of Indian cities, which are prone to earthquakes, is Patna, which is situated in Bihar. Patna is also known to face minor earthquakes from time to time. The biggest disaster, which it had faced to date, was in 1934; when an Earthquake with a magnitude of 8 had struck the city; it had taken the life of 10,000 people.

These were the 10 Indian cities, which are prone to Earthquakes. Like we all know that earthquakes cause a lot of damage to loss and property and all we can do is to pray that this natural disaster never happens and take all the preventive measures to avoid it.

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