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India has so many stories to tell, and among the most interesting stories of India here are some of the must bizarre ones coming up for you. Don’t worry not really going to share any haunting stories today, but actually something peculiar about Indian temples. There are some offbeat Indian temples which are popular for an unusual fact, yes the fact about the most unusual offerings made to the presiding deities. Today you get to know 12 Temples That offer Unfamiliar Offerings To The Deities.

Offerings To Deities: An Age-Old Tradition

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Offering something to a deity is way the devotees show their profess loyalty, gratitude and love towards the deity. These offering are usually made in in rituals. This is an age-old tradition being followed in the country. Offerings from devotees come in many different ways. Normally, people offer their offerings in the form of food and drink, but some people also offer valued possession, such like jewelleries.

Let’s Turn To Some Unusual Offerings To Deities

Unusual offerings to some of these Indian temples are not a new trend, surprisingly there are being followed from many years and are respected traditions. Yes you will be surprised by the different kinds of bizarre offering make by devotees out of their unconventional beliefs. Hold on tight, as the stories we are about to share would surely leave you awed.

12 Temples That Offer Unfamiliar Offerings

Clocks photoPhoto by RBerteig

1. Brahma Baba Temple, Uttar Pradesh – Offer some clocks and Watches

Offering food items is definitely common and if wouldn’t surprise you much. But what if I tell you that there is this one such temple where the devotees offer clocks and watches to the deity? Yes this is no joke; the Brahma Baba’s Temple located in Uttar Pradesh is where devotees of all religions offer clocks and watches to the deity. They make this weird offering as a token of gratitude towards the deity for fulfilling their wishes. While all temples have interesting stories attached with it, the story of Brahma Baba Temple is another interesting one to know. This dates back to the time when a man seeked good driving skills as blessings of the deity. On learning to drive well, this very devotee offered a clock to the deity as thanksgiving gift. Since then end number of devotees follow this tradition at the Brahma Baba Temple. One more interesting fact is that there is no security or priest at this temple.

choclates photoPhoto by Infomastern

2. Chemmoth Sree Subramaniya Swami Temple, Kerala – Get Chocolates For Munch Murugan

Munch Murugan is the prime deity at the Chemmoth Sree Subramaniya Swami Temple in Kerala. And like the name says Munch, the devotees get chochated for Munch Murugan as offerings.

Why Munch Murugan?

Thinking why the deity here is named as Munch Murugan? Well this is an interesting story. The beloved son of Lord Shiva developed a sweet tooth for chocolates, this happened when a Muslim boy offered a Munch to him. It believed that one day this Muslim boy rang the temple bell just for fun, on getting scolded for doing so he fell sick. People say that that entire night the boy kept on chanting Murugan’s name unconsciously. The parents rushed him to the temple next morning, after which he felt better. As a part of the tradition, the priest asked the boy to offer something to Murugan. The quickly offered a Munch to the deity and since then Murugan was known as Munch Murugan and has been receiving loads of Munch chocolates from children’s. End number of childrens comes to this temple to pray for good marks in examinations. Seems Munch Murugan guarantees sweet results for them.

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Fruit Jam photoPhoto by TGV

3. Lord Murugan Temple, Tamil Nadu – Devotees Get Fruit Jam

Located in Palani Hills, the Lord Murugan Temple adds to one of the most interesting facts about Incredible India. Yes this is because the temple is known for its most unique Prasad offering to the devotees. The temple offers fruit jam to its devotees, this fruit jam is made from jaggery, sugar candy and five fruits. This holy jam has a unique name too, it is known as Panchamritham. The temple has a dedicated plant to manufacture this jam.

dvd photoPhoto by papanooms

4. Lord Shiva Temple, The National Heritage Center, Thrissur, Kerala – Get Some Good Books & DVDs

This one is surely strange, how about getting CDs, DVDs or textbooks as holy Prasad? Yes In exchange of your offerings at this Lord Shiva Temple at the National Heritage Center in Thrissur, Kerala you will get some nice books and DVDs as prasadam. According to the temple authorities, knowledge is one of the best gifts of God and the devotees should be blessed with the same. This is the main reason why this temple disseminates knowledge by distributing books and writing materials to the devotees.

dosa photoPhoto by Charles Haynes

5. Kallazhagar Temple \ Alagar Temple, Madurai – Yum Dosas

This is surely one of the most unique places to visit in india. The Alagar Temple in Madurai is known for its delicious yet unusual offering to the deity. The original name of this temple was Kallazhagar Temple, where the prime deity is Lord Vishnu. The deity here is offered different varieties of delicious dosas. Once the offering is made the same is distributed as prasadam to the devotees. Devotees offer grains to the deity, the temple authorities used it to make yum and crispy dosas.

Liquor photoPhoto by yanivba

6. Khabees Baba Temple, Lucknow – Time For Some Liquor

Located at a distance of around 80 kilometres from Lucknow is one of the most offbeat places to visit in India, The Khabees Baba Temple. The most interesting and strange part about this temple is that there is no specific idol here; also there is no priest at this temple. On visiting this temple you would see a pair of two slipper-shaped structures on an elevated platform, this is supposed to be the altar. The devotees who come to visit this temple offer liquor to the altar. Khabees Baba is a mystic saint who is believed to have lived in this place over 150 years back and devotees come here to pay their homage to him. As Prasad, the Devotees receive a portion of the liquor.

Airplane toy photoPhoto by psiaki

7. Airplane Gurudwara, Jalandhar – Offer Toy Planes For Visa Approval

Popularly known as the Airplane Gurudwara, the Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh Gurudwara in Jalandhar is one of its kinds in the country. Devotees who come here offer toy airplanes as Prasad. People believe that this unconventional offering would help them get visa approval and fulfil their dreams of going abroad. There are end numbers of shops outside the Gurudwara that sell the toy aircrafts.

Chinese Dishes photoPhoto by Ian Sane

8. Chinese Kali Temple, Kolkata – Delicious Chinese Dishes

Kolkata has many temples devoted to different forms of Goddess Durga. And one much observed form of goddess is Goddess Kali. There are end numbers of Kali temples in the city and one of them known for a weird reason is the Chinese Kali Temple. Located in Chinatown, this is a very interesting place to visit and the other interesting thing to get here is the Prasad. As I said this temple is located in Chinatown, hence many Chinese residents of this locality worship Goddess Kali. The devotees who come here offer different Chinese dishes to the goddess like noodles, dim sum and chopsuey. Sounds yum isn’t it?

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rat temple photoPhoto by fyunkie

8. Karni Mata Temple, Rajasthan – Prasad With Rats Saliva

This might sound yucky, but it’s true that the Karni Mata Temple in Bikaner, Rajasthan, offers Prasad with rat’s saliva in it to its devotees. This temple is immensely popular for having more than 20,000 black rats which are kabbas, they are considered to be holy. The devotees who get Prasad is offered to the rats and then the same is returned laced with rat saliva. It is believed that this brings good luck to them.

Lord Vishnu photoPhoto by christian.senger

10. Panakala Narasimha Swamy Temple, Andhra Pradesh – Prasad From The Mouth Of The Lord Itself

Located in the state of Andhra Pradesh, the Panakala Narasimha Swamy Temple is one of the few offbeat Indian temples known for their unusual offerings to deities. The temple is set on top of the Mangalagiri Hils. Large number of devotees visits this temple to worship the idol of Lord Vishnu in Narasimha avatar (sphinx). The temple follows an age-old tradition; here the idol of lord Vishnu is fed with jaggery water. it doesn’t end here, people believe that when the deity starts feeling full, he automatically releases half of the water from his mouth. This released water is distributed as the holy Prasad to devotees.

red cloth photoPhoto by Benoît Mars

11. Kamakhya Devi Temple, Assam – Get Cloth Moist with Menstrual Fluid

Kamakhya Devi Temple in Assam would leave you shocked. This offbeat destination in India is immensely popular across the country. The Kamakhya Devi Temple has one of the most interesting stories, during the month of June Ambubachi Festival is celebrated here and what the devotees get in return of their visit is pretty shocking. During the first three days of the festivals the Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati remains closed, the same opens on the fourth day. On this day small pieces of moist cloth are distributed among the devotees as prasad, this moist cloth supposedly contains menstrual fluid of the goddess.
wine bottle photoPhoto by Max and Dee

12. Kal Bhairav Nath temple, Ujjain – Bottles of Wine

The Kal Bhairav Nath temple is located in Ujjain; this is one of the most popular Shiva shrines across the country. The guardian deity in this temple is offered with hundreds of bottles of wine every day. This makes it quite evident that the holy Prasad that the devotees get here is wine. People offer different varieties of wine brands to the deities, there are also many wine shops outside the temple selling wine throughout the year. According to some Maratha Legends, this temple was built during the Maratha rule.

Wasn’t that interesting? India shares so many interesting stories the above 12 are just few of them. Do you know of any offbeat temples offering unusual stuffs? Share it with us; we would love to add them on this list. So when are you making to the above temples to taste the prasadams? Do share your experiences with us as comments below.

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Offbeat Indian Temples That Offer Unfamiliar Offerings To The Deities

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