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Many a times I have seen people instantly relating the term unhealthy with our Indian foods. And what do you think the main reason behind such correlation is? Well mainly it’s because of the use of oils and masalas (spices). But do all our popular Indian dishes need too much oil and masalas (spices)? Certainly not, Indian food has a huge number of healthy options too. Let me give you one legendary option, heard of Idli, Sambhar & Chutney? I am sure you would have. This is one dish which is immensely popular not only in India but even abroad.

Idli & Sambhar: A Winner Among India’s Popular Breakfast Dishes

India has so many popular dishes which absolutely finger licking. Being from Kolkata the traditional breakfast of Puri and Sabzi is definitely something that I can die for, but to be true this option may be scrumptious but isn’t a healthy option. Talking about Delhi’s popular traditional breakfast of Parathas, this is another not so healthy option as it contains a lot of fat and oil. Another popular place that I can’t miss talking about is Mumbai, talking about their popular Vadapav which is actually counted among the Junk food. All across India we see a variety of traditional breakfast items, like pakori, khasta kachoris, samosas and jalebi and even dosa’s we can’t consider these to be healthy only because a lot of oil goes into it.

The Idli and Sambhar is a clear winner when it comes to totally healthy food, the reasons what makes this dish a clear winner is because it’s a totally balanced meal which is equally rich in proteins and carbohydrates. Also since the batter is grounded and then fermented, so it’s very rich in good bacteria and also friendly for your gut.

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IDLI: The White Moon-Like Cake

These round and white cakes which look like the moon are filled with goodness. Let’s see how:

Steamed: Yes, these idlis are steamed, unlike other dishes it doesn’t need oil for cooking.

Absolutely Nutritious: The main ingredients which go into making the traditional idlis are rice and urad dal. This is a perfect combination of Carbs and Protein. Since these idlis are steamed the nutrition stays intact and doesn’t get killed.

Light & Soft Yet Filling: It is said that you should eat like a king for breakfast, so when I say these idlis are light and soft don’t doubt them. Eating 3 idlis for Breakfast accompanied by a bowl of sambhar and chutney is enough to keep you full till lunch. Yes, not joking try it, since there is no use of oil it will be light on your stomach and make you feel energetic and not sleepy.

SAMBHAR: The Sun-Like Soup Near The Moon

Well Sambar is nothing but a tangy version of daal like it’s called in the North India. It’s a lentil based soup or we can also call it a stew. It contains some veggies which make it even more healthier. The real kick to the sambhar is the broth which is made with tamarind. There are a variety of sambhar available in the south, sweet versions, tangy version and spicy versions.

Chutney: The Perfect Side-Dish And Condiment

What completes this dish is the perfect Coconut chutney. This chutney looks absolutely beautiful, white colour coarse chutney with a tarka of mustard seeds and curry leaves. However, I think white chutney is the traditional one, but again there are other versions too which looks red in colour and is spicy in taste and green colour which has the kick of herbs and chillies. Chutney is served with Idlis, Dosas, vadas and even with steamed rice.

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Idly Sambhar MIX

Here in Bangalore I have seen people eating this one dish in many different ways. Some like to eat it with hands, by mashing together the idly sambhar and chutney. Some prefer eating with 2 spoons, that’s the elite way, cut the soft cake, dip into the sambhar and then take a dash of chutney and eat it. But my favourite one is to get a plate of IDLY SAMBHAR MIX, well it’s just another way of serving. Basically its served in a special plate which looks like a plate cum soup bowl, idli is added and then sambhar is poured over it which should be enough to make the idlis float in it then a spoon full of chutney. This bowl is full of different flavours and taste amazing. So next time you visit south, hop into any South Indian food joint and ask for IDLY SAMBHAR MIX.

Well eat them with hands or with spoons, in any way it tastes amazing. It looks simple yet amazing, no wonder it is one of the healthiest breakfast in the entire world. Be it infants or older people, idlis are perfect for anyone of any age.

Photo by stu_spivack

Idli, Sambhar & Chutney: The World Famous Breakfast From South India

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