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Have you ever thought Goa further away from the beaches? All of us would think of beaches only when it comes to Goa as a holiday destination. But there is the lot more there apart from beaches at the state of Goa which many of us would forget to remember about.

Visualize marching by the lane at Goa in the Portuguese houses all nearby you. The doors are opened for all the families and you can wonder how it could be in the typical older day in majestic Goa at the year 1895. The old charm of Goa is still not missing yet. Goa holds lively places apart from the crowded beaches and lot more. If you are thinking of exploring a little new in Goa and discover the old Goa, apart from the beaches, trances parties, and alcohol.

Really one must visit the Goa at the time of Christmas, and visit the Portuguese house and we bet that would really be the best journey to Goa. Then the beach would look as a tiny part of that trip. Here we have got to tell a quick guide on how all you can spend your days at Goa, discovering the actual lifestyle, its cathedrals in petite villages, the iconic Portuguese families, street photography and naturally, certain rare food.

Divar Island

Divar island church

Mandovi River runs through the Goa state and drains directly right to the Arabian Sea that is nest to Panjim. You have a picturesque scene of the river and all over the area surrounded through a thick flora of mangrove. Just right before the river connects the sea, you have the gorgeous island that had traditionally remained to be the significant part of Goa. And this is the Island which is called to be the Divar. Actually, the meaning of Divar in the Konkani is small.

And previously the Island turned to be the prominent sign of Catholicism; that was actually and was the noticeable Hindu pilgrimage spot. Portuguese took their target over the Brahmins on this island for the conversion initially, also which have risen to the communal of Roman Catholic Brahmin.

portuguese house 2 goa

Greatly former the current day Panjim turns out to be the heart of Goa, and the Divar Island has been the capital of Old Goa. It stocks three important churches beginning the Portuguese era, the most imperative of that is the Divar Church. The Island comprises of many famous Portuguese villas where you can enjoy the old Goa architecture styles, yet several of that is still in the virgin condition. You can discover the art deco style villa or houses of Alberquerue.

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How to reach

However the Divar Island will not be connected to the mainland by a bridge, then the one and the only way are to reach is by the ferries. The ferry ride is of free and could propose to choose your car and you have to pay a payment of INR 10. Taking up the car is the perfect choice since that is the only means of transportation in that Island. Since the chief town itself is quite far away by the jetty.

Portuguese Houses

portuguese Island

When you march around the old Goa, you will easily get addict with this beautiful houses or villas, that too exclusively that was one by the Portuguese era. These Portuguese houses have the stunning colors as well as textures, and it is a place for the photograph lovers. The ideal way to discover these gems are on the foot, however, you need to walk a lot for that. In case you are in Panjim then you will be interrupted by many cake and coffee breaks. You will have the hunger of eating a lot since it would anyways get digested by the walk you do.

You can also stopover at the home of the magnificent old lady of Goa, the Menezes Braganza Pereira, who really gets visitors in her era’s ancient house and offers them a tour in addition. She always tells about the history of Portuguese at Goa to the visitor and you could learn more about the Goa.

People, who are architecture lover, could visit the legendary museums which are the houses of Goa. The museum charmingly records the antiquity of these houses, their ethnic and sacred worth, the design features and components make used off and much more. The fee for entering the museum is about INR 150, where out of that an amount of 0 INR could be used for shopping at their curios shop located there finally.

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Coffee and Food

coffee and Tea Goa

Not only in Goa wherever you travel will you look for a good coffee and food in that town. The best coffee will comprise of two great elements that are the awesome taste that stands after a long time and fascinating atmosphere. Goa holds many lots of places that offer these two treats. Below listed are certain recommends places that give you these options.

  1. Bodega
  2. Urban cafe
  3. Hotel Venite
  4. Baba coffee
  5. Coffee Haven

You will also experience a lot of variety of foods styles in Goa. And the one among all the best is the Bean me Up also run by Shaun. That is nearby the Vagator beach however the place is in fact pretty and quite. The place us covered almost trees from all over the sides and offer you the peaceful for food.

As the name could tell you this place serves you all type and varieties of Vegan food. The best impressive portion of the menu that is provided there are the desserts that will taste accurately similar to that of the non-vegan complements.

Saturday Night Markets

saturday night market goa beyond beaches

The next interesting part of the Goa is the legend at the Saturday night markets. Around an epoch since, the German got this idea then they leased out a land from the Goan man and begin this market. While the lease got over the Goan thought to hold the market, however, chucked out the German. And not giving up this they started up another market again merely to be thrown another time. The Saturday night market which is situated at the Arpore is the third try and it is positively completed splendidly.

The market would be very much huge and also the parking too. The market always offers the wide range for every type of person. You could find more designer kinds of stuff. Maximum of the designer style shops is gorgeous yet very expensive. As the names tell you the market will be held every Saturday. Furthermore, from food as well as shopping, you could to party there. It is a countless place to chill.

The Ideal Holiday Destination – Goa Beyond The Beaches!

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