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Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful state that lies in the lap of Ice Mountain Himalayas. The state is encompassed with ample lakes, rivers, hills, and waterfalls. As the state is being a wonderful picturesque place, many tourists, photographers invade here regularly. Water spills over the cliff edge or cascading over rocks impresses the visitors forever. This article makes you know about the waterfalls in Himachal Pradesh and hope it would be helpful especially for the adventurers and all.

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Bhagsu Waterfalls/Bhagsunag Waterfalls

Bhagsunag Waterfalls is located in Bhagsunaag village. It is 2 km from McLeodganj, behind the Bhagsu temple, in Dharmasala district. The height of Bhagsu waterfall is 7112 feet. This waterfall has been the elegant viewpoint for the visitors. During monsoon season, the viewpoint adorns a fascinating effect as it gets covered with heavy snowfall. Tourists enjoy here by splashing the icy water that gives them amusement and energy. After having fun, you may gasp in the cafeteria which is next to the Bhagasu waterfalls.

The waterfall name has been derived from the King Bhagsu. It has been said that 5000 years ago, the snake god Nagdevta declared a war against the King Bhagsu. He dared to steal the holy water from Nagdal Lake. Nagdevta defeated the king and forgave him. Based on the incident, the sacred Bhagsunag temple was built where the King, snake god are worshiped. Ghorkhali community takes care of the temple.

Visit the Bhagasu waterfall soon after the monsoon season when you can see the water cascades down 30 feet. The place becomes severely icy during winter which is not advisable. Spring and autumn seasons are most favorable seasons.

Jogni Waterfalls

Manali holds the pride of having Jogni falls. This place is also called as Shakti Peeth due to the female power. There is a tiny shrine below the Jogni fall and below the shrine, the main shrine is located. Jogini falls is located in Kullu Valley. Vashisht temple is at 4 km distance from Jogini. Tourists usually visit the Vashist temple first and then jump to Jogini falls. Trekking takes the tourists through pine trees, water streams, and apple orchards.

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In Jogini falls the water flows from a height of 7243 feet through many levels. During monsoon, the water flow will be heavy. The local people bring their children here for the first tonsure. You may see guest houses, restaurants during the trekking. The top point of the waterfall can be reached at 15 minutes walk. Photographers may click shots in the afternoon when the sunlight directly falls on the water droplets. The best time to visit Jogini waterfalls is January, February, April, May, June, November and December.

Satdhara Waterfalls

Satdhara waterfall is located in Dalhousie of Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the most popular sightseeing in the state. This 6680 feet waterfall passes through the magnificent cliffs and mountains of Chamba valley. The waterfall has a great therapeutic trait as it contains mica. Mica has the ability to cure many ailments. Many people come here for a walk and reach the place Panchpula which is only a few kilometers away from here.

The name of the waterfall is derived from the seven stunning springs that gush with energetic force via glorious mountains of Himachal Pradesh. The Satdhara waterfall is beautiful during monsoon season.

Rahala Waterfalls

Rahalla falls is located near Manali. Dense Deodar Forest and Birch Trees surround the waterfalls. The altitude of Rahala falls is 8205 and it flows with a part of glaciers. Rahal falls is being an ideal picnic spot out of its stunning views with gushing water sound. Best time to visit Rahala waterfall is from May to October. Since the waterfall is nigh to Leh-Manali highway, it is easily accessible by everyone.

Zana Waterfalls

Jana waterfall is situated in a tiny hamlet called Jana which is little for from Naggar. This place belongs to Manali. The water is gushing from the height of falls which exhilarates the visitors a lot. A small trekking takes you to enjoy with a view of Zana falls. Some local foods are available in a shop there. The best time to visit Zana waterfall is between September and June. This unexplored beauty of Manali has an altitude of 7217 feet. You can reach the falls by a drive from Naggar at a distance of 12 km from Kullu bus stand. The approximate distance is 32 to 33.5 km from Manali bus stop.

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Icy Himachal Pradesh And Gushing Waterfalls

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