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IndiaVivid – How it works?

1. Login/Register

Registering with IndiaVivid is easy. You can create an account or login (if already registered) here.

2. Submit Your Facet or Listing – India’s uniqueness

What is a facet at IndiaVivid?

Anything that is unique, differentiates or defines India can be submitted as a facet. Examples of facet/listings are:

Facet TypeFacet CategoryFacet Item

The possibilities & opportunities are limitless. India has so much more to explore.

Submitting a facet at IndiaVivid is a simple process. Dive right in to discover, share and celebrate India.

Submit a facet that defines India’s uniqueness

3. Submit Your Experience

What is an experience?

We all have memories from our lives; stories of our experience around things/activities that we cherish. IndiaVivid invites you to share your experience with others and let people know what real India is.

Sample Examples are:

Share your experience

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