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Hot Chips Shop – The Hot Snacking Point In Bengaluru

When I shifted to Bangalore, there were many things about this city that fascinated me. Apart from the renowned IT companies, Bangalore weather and greenery were something that I instantly fell in love with. In addition to this, was food…. Ohh the smell of hot piping scrumptious sambar along with steaming hot idlis and dosas was another great thing about moving to the south. Apart from this, there was one thing that I noticed quite often – The Hot Chips Shop.

Even if you visited Bangalore for a few hours, the tiny hot chips shops are something one cannot ignore or miss to see. Well, these little outlets are present in almost every nook and corner of Bangalore. And just like the name indicates, these sell a huge variety of fried stuff.

Hot Chips Shop – The Iconic Snacking Zone That Has Survived The Test Of Time

hot chips shop

As I said, these tiny outlets are there present in almost every lane of the city, and as I said already they sell a huge variety of crispy fried stuff. Hot Chips stores have truly survived the test of all time, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are a relic of the old Bengaluru. It survived tough competition from major companies like uncle chips, lays and many more.

If you happen to visit this shop, you will be surprised to see the huge range of crispy fried goodies stacked up in the tiny store. Another interesting thing that I noticed about each of these hot chips shop is their chips frying setup just outside their shop. That huge kadhai full of hot bubbling oil and the shopkeeper slicing down the chips right into the hot oil and frying them till golden crisp. I was totally awe-struck by this sight.

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I am sure by now you are wondering what’s so special about this shop, let me highlight what hot chips offer and why should you buy from them.

Hot Chips Shop – Top Things To Buy

If I had to make a list of the things sold here, it would go on and on and on. So, I think it would be a good idea to list down a few of my own all-time favourites from the iconic Hot Chips.

1. Potato Chips

This had to be on #1, crispy golden potato chips that take you straight back to your childhood days. Salted golden crisp potato chips need no introduction and unquestionably these are one of the signature products of hot chips. Most of these stores are immensely popular for their simple golden colour fried potato goodies. This variety of chips is one of their top selling varieties and are always in high demand. No wonder you will always see the shopkeeper frying potato chips at almost any the time in the day.

2. Mixture

Mixtures have been one of the best time pass for many people irrespective of their age. I feel we don’t need to be hungry to have mixture, it’s just a matter of tickling your taste buds. Mixtures are available in many different varieties and with a combination of different ingredients and spices. Some like their mixture to be sweet, some prefer it salty with a tinge of spiciness. Considering hot chips speciality, the ones which come with loads of kodbele, tiny pieces of coconut, crispy groundnuts and the very aromatic curry leaves are an all-time hit. Do try each of their variety before buying, they don’t mind giving a little for tasting purpose. I’m sure you will land up buying at least 2-3 varieties of mixtures.

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3. Palak Murukku

Every single hot chip store stock a huge variety of round golden coloured murukkus. But, palak murrukus are one among the long list of my favourites. You can’t miss to spot them because of their lively green colour. I feel they are so attractive that you just cannot miss to buy them. Apart from these you should try the other varieties of murrukus as well, trust me you won’t regret those extra calories.

4. Picnic

No no I’m not talking about going on picnic with hot chips here, but another interesting and madly popular variety of hot chips called – Picnic. These are crispy fried tube-like snacks which are a perfect mix of sweet and saltiness. it is another all-time favourite and top selling variety of the hot chips store. There are two ways of eating picnic, one, eat it straight from the plastic cover or turn it into a tasty chat by adding in some onions, tomatoes, chillies, fresh coriander leaves, and some and fiery chutneys.

5. Nippattu

Nippattu is one of Karnataka’s most popular and favourite snack, and yes most of the hot chips sell amazing varieties of Nippattu. For those who don’t know, Nippattu are tiny rings of dough, with Chana (Gram) dal, and curry patta (curry leaves) studded over them. These are fried until perfectly crispy and crunchy. Well, you can have them the way they are, but when tossed up with some puffed rice, chopped onions, carrots, tomatoes, chillies, fresh dhaniya (coriander leaves), and some sweet and tangy chutney they end up making scrumptious churmuri.

6. Congress Kadalai

Yes, Congress Kadalai does has some link with the very popular Congress party. Let me share the interesting story of Congress kadalai with you. The Congress government party led by the very popular Indira Gandhi was divided into two parts in the year 1970. One part was headed by Indira Gandhi and the second part was headed by K Kamaraj. It was around this same time when Congress Kadalai was invented. Pieces of groundnuts were divided into two, fried and mixed with a good amount of hot red coloured chilli powder and salt until it was well coated. So, Congress Kadalai got its name from this incident when Congress party was divided into two. Interesting story isn’t it? Leaving the name aside, this snack tastes wonders. Congress Kadalai can be eaten the way it is or can be added into chaats. One of my favourite chaats made using this snack is Congress Masala. A must try!

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7. Fryums

The moment I see Fryums, I tend to immediately go back to my childhood days. Yes, Fryums are one more amazing goody of this store. Surprisingly these are now available in different variations of shapes and sizes. Earlier these were just salted, but at hot chips, Fryums are available in different variations, some are coated with onion powder, some tossed up with hot chilli powder for that extra zing. Well, personally I am still a big fan of the round, plain salted ones. Well, this isn’t an all-inclusive list, I love many more snacks from this store. Do visit hot chips and let us know which of the delicacies from hot chips your scrumptious favourite is.

Until we meet next – Happy snacking!



Meghna is an MBA HR by profession, she has 5 years of corporate experience in HR and Admin. She has a very simple style of writing this is one reason why her work reaches easily to different types of people. Apart from writing she also loves to shop be it real or window she can spend hours shopping :).

Currently, her little one keeps her occupied. However, her passion for writing still forces her to take some time out time and pen down her thoughts into words. She truly loves both her jobs, looking after her naughty little kid at time same time create quality content for the website.

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