Top 10 Hookah Parlors in Kolkata

These days two things are doing good in the streets of Kolkata, one happens to be Night clubs and the second one happens to be Hookah Parlors. I have already covered about the best nightclubs in Kolkata; now let us talk about the top 10 Hookah Parlors in Kolkata. Hookah was not something, which was popular before; but in the last 2 or 3 years, it has seriously caught the market and is doing incredibly well in the streets of Kolkata. Hookah is something, which came into existence during 1500s and was brought into fashion by the Mughals. Until the last decade, Hardly people knew about Hookahs but recently due to exposure and small compact sizes of Hookah bases it has widely became popular. Another reason why Hookah has become popular is due to the fact that it has very less nicotine as compared to a cigarette and is considered to be a good alternative for a cigarette. In some flavors, there is no presence of Nicotine and they are purely herbal; you just get the feeling of smoking without hurting your health that much.

Top 10 Hookah Parlors in Kolkata

1. The Dugout

I know I would be getting a bit of backlash because of mentioning The Dugout right on top of the list of top 10 Hookah Parlors in Kolkata but on a personal note I seriously like The Dugout way better than other Hookah Parlors in Kolkata. This Parlor has a football or soccer theme and has a very good ambience. The music played here is amazing and would surely make you fall in love with it. You need not worry if you are not a Hookah smoker; Dugout has amazing food; especially Italian; it will make your tummy really contended. It is located in Bhawanipur area of Kolkata and a hookah with some finger food should cost you approximately Rs.750 for two people.

2. The Firefly

The Firefly is one Hookah Parlor, which has become famous in a pretty short time. The best part about Firefly is that if you do not like taking Hookah then you can go for playing Pool with your friends. The rate they charge for each Pool game is economical and could easily be borne by a group of friends. Firefly started their operations in Bhawanipur and quickly opened three branches in the city. Firefly definitely deserves the second spot in the list of top 10 Hookah Parlors in Kolkata.

3. Tyre Patty

Tyre Patty is located in one of the prime areas of Kolkata, which happens to be Bhawanipur. Thanks to colleges nearby, this is one of the few places, which always remain crowded with youngsters. This Hookah Parlor has a theme of “Tyres”; which looks attractive to the eyes. One more thing, which I like about this place, is the variety of finger food available here. They have a large variety of Hookah available and they also provide you with a “Cold pipe” which makes inhaling smoke easier; all these things made Tyre Patty attain the third position in the list of top 10 Hookah Parlors in Kolkata.

4. Afraa – Salt Lake

Afraa is located in Salt lake area of Kolkata; Afraa also has a bar; so if you are visiting Afraa and you don’t want to take Hookah then you can go for the alcohol available here. Afraa has two sections, one is completely air-conditioned and the second one is open air. My personal suggestion would be to go for the open-air section. You would be getting a good view of Kolkata and you could see the Metro from there. Moreover, the place is quiet outside and is better than the noisy air-conditioned section.

5. Beer Republic

Beer Republic is located near Kankurganchi and is one of the most happening places in Kolkata. The place is really big and provides both Hookah and alcohol which gives you an alternative if you don’t like to have one of them. The best part about Beer Republic is that they have their own brewery and since they make their own beer; they provide it a very economical cost, which could easily be borne by a bunch of people. Their Hookah is also amazing; you can order them to make your hookah light, mild or strong; according to your preference. The service is great, and the food is amazing.

6. Café OMG Social

The sixth place to make it to the list of top 8 Hookah Parlors in Kolkata is Café OMG Social; this place has opened recently and has created a very strong impact on the youngsters of Kolkata. Like the name suggests, the café has adopted the theme of “Social Media” and everything which you find inside this café would be related to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Whatsapp. It is pretty different from other café’s which makes it very fun to visit; make sure you try their garlic bread and Pizzas it would be the most delicious thing which you ever had.

Hookah Parlors in Kolkata
Hookah Bar by Mike Licht, under CC BY 2.0

7. Chaskaa Café

Chaskaa is located in Bhawanipur and used to be one of the most famous Hookah Parlors in Kolkata. The reason why I wrote, “used to” is because it did not evolve with time; it was one of the first Hookah Parlors in the area and was very famous at a point of time. It has dim lights and has good service. The staff is nice and always appreciate suggestions to make the café better. You should certainly visit this place if you are in the area; they provide amazing Chello Kebabs and Nachos.

8. Chai Break

Chai break definitely deserves to be in the list of top 10 Hookah Parlors in Kolkata; Chai break is located in many places in Kolkata, but I personally prefer the Bhawanipur branch. It is really happening and the place is huge. The hookah is really good and if you don’t like it they make sure that they make modifications according to your liking until and unless you are fully satisfied; if you are still not satisfied with the modifications then they sometimes even replace the whole Hookah and get you a fresh one.

9. Aqua – The Park

Aqua is more like a nightclub but it deserves a mention in this list. It is located in The Park, which is situated in Park Street area of Kolkata. Talking about The Park; it is the most popular hotel in Kolkata as because it has Tantra, Roxy, Aqua and Someplace else; which are the most popular night clubs all under one roof. When you reach Aqua you will find that it has seats near the swimming pool and has a bar in a small building. It is a very sophisticated and a subtle place and you would seriously enjoy once you reach here.

10. The Great Booze Story

The last one to make it to the list of top 10 Hookah Parlors in Kolkata is The Great Booze Story. It has been around 2 years since this place opened and it has already become very popular. It is located in Bhawanipur area of Kolkata and is very nice. A couple of beers along with Hookah will not cost you more than Rs.600, which is cheap when compared to other Hookah-Bars.

These were the 10 best Hookah Parlors in Kolkata. However, I will suggest that you roll over your eyes on the internet for more options since every now and then a new Hookah Parlor is coming up with a better theme and with better service. Though it is said that Hookah is not that harmful as compared to a cigarette but still you should not get addicted to it. Moreover, since a Hookah lasts for around 40 minutes it is considered to be harmful by many individuals. There would always be a controversy regarding this particular topic but as people say if you take it, once in a blue moon it won’t be a big blow to your health.

Featured Photo: Night Time Hookah by RyAwesome under CC BY-SA 2.0 

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