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Are you planning to spend your honeymoon in Andaman Islands? You have already made the best decision as nothing can be more wonderful than spending time with your beloved amidst white sands and crystal clear turquoise waters. The exotic food, privacy, seclusion, and the untouched beaches- all together make it a dream honeymoon destination.

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Traveling to a remote island without sufficient and right things can get frustrating. So you must carry all the basic requirements that won’t be easily available and also ensure that you do not carry unnecessary things. Make a list of all the essential things like medicines, toothbrush, toothpaste, travel pillow, camera, ATM cards etc. Below is the list of essential stuff you must carry to have a memorable honeymoon. Please use this checklist as a guide when packing for your travel.

  1. Sunscreen: Skin burn occurs because of the sharp tropical sun and salt in the air. It is advisable to carry a waterproof sunscreen for lasting results. Apply sunscreen SPF 50 all over the exposed areas of body before going outdoors.
  2. Umbrella/ Sun Hat: To move around the islands in the bright day light, you will definitely need some shade. So, carrying with you a sun hat or an umbrella is highly recommended. Sun hats are useful for romantic walks around the beaches.
  3. Cotton clothes: Carry loose fitting cotton clothes that helps in keeping dry in the warm humid environment. Make sure to pack hot pants and skirts for this romantic getaway. Look beautiful and pose for hundreds of stunning honeymoon selfies.
  4. Flip flops/Beach sandals: Pack 2-3 sets of flip flops and beach sandals of attractive colors for the romantic strolls on the beaches.
  5. Dark goggles: Andaman is well-known for their blinding white sand beaches and sun rays; thus, polarized shades are mainly preferred.
  6. Accessories and vibrant beach wear: It’s time to flaunt your best beach wear. Pick up some sexy, colorful sarongs and use them for basking in the sun. Do not forget the matching beaded necklaces to team up with the beach wears, attractive and cute studs, and elegant necklaces for the club night, and yes small beach bags and clutches to keep things in.
  7. Insect repellent: The white sand beaches of Andaman Islands can get unlikable due to sand fly attacks. Thus, an insect repellent would be handy. A repellent with Citronella oil works well against mosquitoes, sand flies and insects.
  8. Towel: Carry a quick drying towel.
  9. Medicines: Any particular medication prescribed for illness should also be packed.
  10. Rain protection: The weather here in changeable; carrying an umbrella and a rain coat would be useful. Apart from this, also carry zip lock bags for cameras and other gadgets to keep them safe from moisture.
  11. Camera kit: Off course Camera with good filters, aperture and polarizer is definitely required. You need amazing clicks for your honeymoon album.
  12. Flashlight: Some resorts provide hand torches to their guests but most of the budget resorts do not. Carrying a flashlight after sunset is advisable to avoid stepping on creepy crawlies.
  13. Cash: Carry enough cash in order to avoid any problematic situation.
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That’s all you need for a rocking honeymoon in the island paradise.

Travel Tips for the tourists

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Amidst the beautiful beaches and islands, relaxing in the comfy resorts and enjoying a wonderful cruise experience, Andaman tourism offers you a perfect vacation. Since the place is a little secluded and unique, it is better to follow certain guidelines while planning a trip to Andaman.

Important tips are:

  1. Know the climatic conditions before planning the trip to the islands. Winter season, December and January has its own charm. February to May is the best time to visit the islands, as the sun shines directly on the beaches, while June to September is rainy, thus ruining the charm of the place and making it a little dangerous on the coasts.
  2. In case you are not an Indian, then special permits are required for an Andaman trip. You need to inform the authorities about the location, duration, reason of your trip, and get permissions of the state authorities.
  3. Consult a tour operator, and make your trip an entertaining one with the best recreational and accommodation activities.
  4. Keep all your important documents: passport, tickets, visa and a photocopy of each with you all the time. Take care of your cash and keep credit cards and ATM with you in a safe place.
  5. Andaman is a place, where numerous tribal people dwell, far away from the tourist places. It is advisable not to infringe on their estates, as they are not friendly people.
  6. Packing for the trip should be methodical. In summers you need light cotton clothing whereas winters are cooler, so you should pack some woolens also.
  7. Pack all other essentials including sunshades, scarves, umbrellas, comfy footwear, sunscreens, and other toiletries.
  8. Don’t be a careless person on an Andaman trip, and enjoy the place with full attention to everything you come across.
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Things You Must Pack Before Leaving For Honeymoon In Andaman Islands

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