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Hnahlan, The Jewel Of Mizoram

This small village situated in Mizoram is truly a jewel. It is extremely popular for its grapes production, and also for its Love Potion called Zawlaidi which is nothing but grape wine. Hnahlan has enigmatic beauty and this is one reason why everyone says that one should visit this place at least once in a lifetime.

Hnahlan: The Largest Grapes Producers In India

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As I said it is a small village with about 560 families, and around 80 % (i.e. around 400 families are grape growers) of this population earn their living by growing grapes. This is one reason that contributes in making Hnahlan the largest producer of grapes in the country. This small village earns about 150 lakhs rupees annually and has been doing pretty well when compared to the other villages in Mizoram. The Hnahlan village produces around 6600 quintals of grapes every year.

Zawlaidi: The Love Potion

Zawlaidi means Love Potion; it is an extremely popular local grape wine in Mizoram. Zawlaidi is found only in Mizoram, it is prepared from the delicious Mizoram’s black grapes which are home grown by the locals. What makes this wine really popular is its fizzy taste which makes people crave for more and more. Apart from being delicious it is an extremely cheap drink.

Let’s Explore Hnahlan The Jewel Of Mizoram

Visiting Hnahlan can be among one of the most wonderful experiences one can ever get. Stop at Hnahlan and the beautiful scenic places will definitely refresh you and generate new vigor in you. Check out these 3 places around Hnahlan which are a must visit:

1. Champai

On the Indo-Myanmar border is this striking little town which is truly blessed with a variety of vegetation and wildlife. Admist green hills surrounding it, one can actually feel the clouds passing by giving a feeling of something which is so out of this world. Apart from the charismatic beauty one can also enjoy trekking on the hills. This place offers amazing views of the neighbouring country Myanmar; being here will surely make you feel out of the world. It’s truly blessed when it comes to nature and will leave you with unforgettable memories for a lifetime.

2. Tamdil Lake

The Tamdil Lake is located at 3 hours’ drive from Aizwal. This lake is surrounded with thick woody mountains and hills. What makes this place amazing is the magic which will make you fall in love at first sight itself. One can check out many rare species of birds, as it’s a true heaven for bird lovers. This lake is a mirror which reflects the image of the surrounding areas. There is an interesting story associated with the name of this lake: the meaning of Tamdil is Mustard and it is said that a gigantic mustard plant had grown on the site of this lake earlier. This mustard tree was cut down post which the water started flowing out from it resulting in this lake. One more unique thing of this lake is the prawns which are found in it. Local people catch prawns from this lake.

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3. Murlem Wildlife Sanctuary

This is a national park which is located in the Champhai district of Mizoram. Murlem Wildlife Sanctuary spreads across an area of around 200 square km, and is located at about 245 km east of Aizawl. This sanctuary is home to a huge variety of flora and fauna, 150 species of birds, 15 species of mammals, 35 types of Medicinal plants, 4 types of orchids and 2 types of bamboos.

Do visit Hnahlan the Jewel of Mizoram, it will leave you spell bound.

Featured Photo: Reiek peak by dheerajdwivedi



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