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Indian country is encompassed with many histories and wonders. It is our pride of having the largest postal network in the global level. As said, our country boasts of having the World’s highest post office in Hikkim, a small hamlet in Spiti valley, Himachal Pradesh. This small village is an elegant and cool, rich with fossils. Hikkim is located in between Komik and Langza. This post office is located at a height of 15,500 feet above the sea level. Around 600 villagers of Hikkim are served by the astonishing post office.  It is located at 23 km from Kaza, the main town of Himachal Pradesh.

History of Hikkim post office

The Hikkim post office was officially started on 5th November 1983. Mr. Rinchen Chhering has been the Branch Postmaster here for the continuous twenty-nine years from its inception. He was only 22 years old when he joined in duty at this Hikkim post office. This place has been the home of Chhering and world of a small group of inhabitants. The snow sprawls on the entire valley most of the months in a year. That’s why half a year, the post office is kept closed. The visitors cannot expect mobile or internet connection in this remote village.

Postal delivery

In this post office the monks from Komik Monastery receive passports to start their overseas pilgrimage, farmers keep savings accounts. Two runners are deployed here and one who delivers the letters from Hikkim to Kaza daily in the morning session. The letters are carried by bus from Kaza to Reckong Peo and from Reckong Peo to Shimla, they are carried by train to Kalka. The letters are again loaded on a bus and taken to Delhi. Eventually, the letters are distributed either by rail or air from Delhi. It deals with over 15 letters daily to its vicinity.

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buddhism monks photo

The small serene village mesmerizes all the people with its beauty. The houses in Spiti valley, Hikkim are constructed with stones, mud with white colored walls. The houses in Hikkim are adjacent to each other and situated below the road. The path towards houses is at a steep of 65 degrees from the road. The majority of the Hikkim population belongs to Buddhism. The village holds the pride of being the highest polling station and recorded in the Limca Book of Records too.

In most of the houses, Buddhist flags are hanging which represents the influence of Buddhism in the village. The monastery is located far away from the village. In 1965, a Hindu Government school was started in the Hikkim village where up to eighth classes are taught.

Transportation in Hikkim

The Himachal Road Transport Corporation affords bus services on Tuesday and Saturday, two times a week from the town Kaza. The journey would take more than one and a half an hour to reach the world’s highest post office from Kaza thru HRTC bus. Hikkim has a motorable road. The nearest hospital is situated at Kaza. The pin code of Hikkim post office is 172114.

Hikkim has located at a high altitude and sixteen km away from Kaza. A car ride can take about an hour due to the road conditions. Since there are only limited buses for two days it is best to hire a car to visit the village. Tourists may go a round trip through Lagza, Komic and Hikkim villages. The trip may take up to six hours and it is advised to carry a jacket to safeguard from the frozen cold.

“A trip to Hikkim, especially visiting the world’s highest post office will keep the memories green”

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