Hiking Through The Trails Of Chehni Village – What To Expect

If Tirthan Valley is in your bucket list and you are planning to visit this place next year, do not miss out on visiting the beautiful Himalayan hamlet, Chehni Village, because that’s where you are going to get a splendid view of Chehni Kothi.

No matter how jam-packed the itinerary is, you cannot do away with this magnificent place. So, let’s first discuss about the folklore of this super-tall tower.

Folklores of Chehni Kothi

Amidst the small and beautiful Himalayan hamlet, there lies this ten-story tower. There are many interesting folklores surrounding this place. Locals believe that it was built somewhere around 17th-century by the medieval Kullu kings.

In those days, wooden towers got used because of garrisoning the troops. Sadly, the tower has lost a couple of legendary stories in the earthquake of 1905.

How to visit Chehni Village?

You cannot commute through any motor-able road here. So, hiking is the only options. Get a fascinating experience all throughout your hiking journey.  Your journey will begin from Banjar bus station. From there, take a cab to the Shringa Rishi temple. And then, the enthralling trails are waiting for your footprints here.

Coming to the journey:

You are going to start your trek from Shringa Rishi Temple. Locals say that hiking to the place is not hard. But for travelers, it is not a usual walk. You need to be patient enough if you are active. It is to say that hiking during the monsoons should be avoided. You should also wear comfortable shoes that can give firm grips to prevent from slipping.

Visiting the Shringa Rishi temple

Tirthan valley is also known as the valley of the gods. And most of the villages have its goddess with a wide range of natural places which are home to multiple gods. They are recognized & respected by villagers of the entire Kullu valley. The gods are named as Devta.

Shringa Rishi is a significant Devta of this valley. The Devta stays in the temple here near Bagi. You can visit this temple either ascending or descending down from Chehni Kothi.

Experiencing a captivating hike

The hike will take you through the beautiful dense forests. The only sound you get to hear – chirping of buzzing of the bees. You can find apple, apricot, and peach trees en route. The sight is worth having viewgasms.

Diving into the local cultures

When you reach the village, receive the welcoming gesture of the locals. They are so warm and cordial. They become friendly at one go. They also offer you fresh fruits from the trees. Have a divine taste of the fruits.

Plucking apples and listen to their stories

You might get luckier to pluck apples that otherwise might have cost your some 200 INR per 1 kg! Just wonder how much money they earn by selling out the apples? But no, that is not the thing. Locals just get a small amount of profit out of selling these apples because the amount of transportation sum up huge.

With due permission of the owner, plucking apples and putting a bite right inside your mouth is a divine affair. Spend an hour here and descend down.

Descending down:

The trail is going to be easier downwards but be really-really cautious and careful because it would be so slippery out there.

Reach the cab which will drop you to your homestay. See, Chehni Village is a very small town. And it is on you how you enjoy the smallest things in the journey. You will have your dinner the night at your homestay. That’s it, hope you loved reading this post.

Featured Photo of ‘Chitkul, the village of India’ by Eshank Sehgal under CC BY 2.0

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