Here’s How A Visit To Kanch Mandir In Indore Looks Like

Also known as the Kanch Ka Mandir, this temple of glass is a popular religious spot in Indore. As the name suggests, Kanch Mandir enjoys a spiritual prominence even in the current 21st century. Built somewhere around 1903, the temple defines the true-blue architectural elements. From the magnificent elements of its floors, ceilings, pillars, and walls, to the marvelous appeal of the cut-glass chandeliers atop on the roof, everything inside the temple has got a tale to tell.

A little about the Seth Hukumchand Jain

Did you know that Kanch Ka Mandir was constructed by one of the industry pioneers of India and a prominent trader? Yes, it was none other than Seth Hukumchand Jain. In his early days, he had built one mansion in Itwaria Bazar which was known as Shish Mahal. Talking about Shish Mahal, it was at proximity to Kanch Ka Mandir. Both of which had been built elegantly by using the white stone.

Kanch Ka Mandir is a construction based on medieval mansion completed with a great canopied balcony as well as an outstanding shikhara. Now, coming to the interior of the temple – it is overall covered by the glass panels as well as mosaics that also include columns, floors, ceilings, and walls. On that note, let’s find out its architectural prominence in a country like India.

The architectural significance of Kanch Mandir in India

Here’s How a Visit to Kanch Mandir in Indore Looks Like
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Kanch Ka Mandir is not an exception with regard to the architectural offerings that India has in its lap. In the midst of historical prominence in the country, its architectural elements define the ancient beauty of the place. Simultaneously, Kanch Ka Mandir also houses a multitude of architectural definitions for a history buff to treasure them for a lifetime.

If you are someone who loves portraying your love for history in every place you visit, then Kanch Ka Mandir is something you should never miss out on. Besides its eye-soothing elements dug on the walls and pillars, the temple also focuses on bringing its true glories through the glass chamber situated here. It creates visual illusions because with the three statues of Mahavira into an undefined number of portrayals.

Seth Hukumchand Jain was very particular about building this temple, so he thought of the Jaipur craftsmen to be appropriate for the job. However, he also walked the extra mile and hired constructional personnel from Iran also in order to parallelly work with the team. The architectural face of the temple is beautiful, and the ornamentation of the temple follows an old & medieval style of Jain architecture. The multicolored mirrors and glass are the special highlights here.

In the most significant Garbhagriha, idols of Tirthankaras have been flanked by the mirrors on the sides. So, one can see the images for an infinite number of times.

What can you learn after visiting the temple?

The temple is an abbreviation of Jain culture and traditions. Upon visiting the temple, one can learn about the stories of Jain cultures and traditions. If you are interested in the concept of ashta-karma in Jain traditions, you get to learn that too. You can also have an understanding of sapta-vyasan. Understanding the Samavasarana of Nadishwar dvipa and Lord Shiva and visiting the hall! You can also get an insight into the depiction of the most significant Jain tirthas. But, before you enter the interior, remember that the site does not allow you for photography.

Festivals celebrated in the temple in Indore

Jain festivals get celebrated with enthusiasm here in this temple. The most significant days of celebration are Sugandh Dashami. It is a special day where multi-colored rice-powder are used to make beautiful garlands for decorations. Indore collectively celebrates the vibrancy of kshamavani (also known as the festival of forgiveness). The temple organizes the rituals and celebrates it here. Annual rath-yatra is also a golden day for the temple where a golden palaki is taken out. This is the best time to visit Kanch Ka Mandir in Indore.

Featured Photo of ‘Kanch Mandir’ by Jagadguru Rambhadracharya under CC BY-SA 2.0

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