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Here’s Everything To Learn About Goa’s Bhagvati Devi Temple

With the ever growing popularity of Goa’s tourism, more and more travelers are making it a point of getting captivated into the picturesque beauty of Goa. While Pearl of the Orient is its appropriate nickname, some parts of Goa are also prominent on the religious front! Hence, calling it a land of beautiful temples would not be an understatement. While the travel hub of India is home to numerous mesmerizing lands, the religious position of this place would also make you get an everlasting imprint on hearts!

Why visit Bhagvati Devi Temple?

For photography enthusiasts, visiting Bhagvati Devi Temple in Goa would be of paramount importance! As the temple holds a great architectural beauty, you are definitely going to enjoy the beautiful surrounding the place. A visit to this temple would only make your Goa trip all more hustle free. This is the guide where you are going to get enlightened about the importance of the temple in the name Bhagvati Devi Temple. Now that you are already reading this guide and aim at visiting the Bhagvati Devi Temple, here’s introducing an introduction to it.

An Introduction to Bhagvati Devi Temple

With a promising approach to give you awe-inspiring experience, the temple houses great ambience as well as tranquility. Sri Bhagvati temple is definitely unique and has been dedicated to the Goddess Bhagwati, the incarnation of Goddess Parvati. Shri Bhagvati temple happens to be an ancient temple in the land of Goa and is said to be over 500 years old!  This temple is situated by the main road side. So, traveling to this temple would not include a hefty budget!

Thanks to the Portuguese, for whom Goa houses a wide range of temples that are worth paying a visit to! Nothing unlike other temples, this temple also speaks of the time when Portuguese ruled the existing Goan temples. According to the Bhagvati Devi story, they faced destruction as well as devastation at their hands. However, the wrath was survived only a handful number of temples here. And, according to the Bhagvati Devi Temple history, Bhagwati Temple happens to be one of them standing tall as one of the must-visit temples in Goa.

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What to Know about the Temple’s Structure?

The temple’s presiding deity is Shri Bhagwati with eight hands or in Ashtabhuja avatar. The deity is in the standing pose and is quite imposing! The entrance of the temple gets crowded by the visitors. There are two statues of elephants which are in standing poses. These statues are made up of black stone.  The most prominent festival that is celebrated here is Dussehra. This festival happens to be one of the primary attractions in this temple. At this particular time, over twenty five thousand people assemble at this particular temple.

The complex of Bhagvati Devi Temple in Goa comes with a total of five temples where the main temple is of Shri Bhagavati. Other temples are Shri Dev Ravalnath, Shri Sateri, Brahma, Dev Panchakshari, and more. According to the Bhagvati Devi Temple history, the temple holds prominent stories that shed lights on the power of this God. The Bhagvati Devi story goes that worshipping this Goddess would help you overcome all impossibilities in life.

Now that you know everything about this temple, you can walk that extra mile to pay a visit to it!

Featured Photo of ‘Colorful Goddess’ by Harsha K R under CC BY-SA 2.0

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