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Odisha, located on the eastern part of India is one of the largest state of India. The state is also holds the third ranking in the category of tribal population. On one side the state is growing with the economic stability and literacy rates on the other hand, but some part of the state is still occupied with some bizarre superstitions. As superstitions still ruling the roots of the tribal surrounding area of Odisha, many locals including young and old still get prone to many of these superstitions and carry on to be a part of it, get tortured or almost get killed. One such bizarre superstition in Odisha is to roll on the bed of a cactus thorns to see your dreams and wishes gets fulfilled.

In Mayurbhanj district of Odisha, people actually roll on a bed of thorny cactus leaves and thinks that it will make god happy and will fulfill their wishes.

In an isolated place known as Bhanjakia of Raruan block located at the foot place of the Similipal forest area in Mayurbhanj district of Odisha, the people of local tribes believe that by performing such customs and rituals, their god will fulfil all their wishes and thinks that this sacrifice and self torturing is a way  to get their wishes fulfilled.

In fact, not only in Odisha, people from different other states like Jharkhand, Bihar come to Mayurbhanj to carry out this tradition and to get their wishes fulfilled by god and more than 1000 followers and devotees which includes women, men and children becomes part of it and  engage themselves in this ritual. There are even some people and devotees in there who carry out these customs and rituals  since past few years as a part of self punishment.

These superstitions are not just for sayings but it is the genuine belief of the locals. They think and follow these traditions like lashing themselves with a whip or rolling on a cactus or walking on the burning coals. They sincerely believe, god will be satisfied and will fulfil their wishes if they torture themselves by carrying out such tasks.

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Many people perform such tasks just not for their personal wishes but they perform it because they believe if they carry out these things, god will be very pleased and will bring rainfall.

Along with rolling on a cactus leaves and other number of practices, one which is also very famous is people walking on the burning coals for all their desires to get fulfilled. It is just not a practice but is also their sincere belief.

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