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Do you love to cherish the blend of sugar, flour and cheese? Is your sweet tooth always on the pursuit for tart-ish kind of sweet course? Then may be cheesecakes are the palates into which your heart and palate should delve into. Now, halt for one second. Are you in Mumbai? If yes, then get ready to treat your dessert craving with the gladness of cloud 9. The tinsel town houses some of the finest bistros and independent patisseries which cater to sweet-lovers authentically delish cheesecakes of diverse tangs. They rightfully represent the glory and legacy of best cheesecakes mumbai.

best cheesecakes mumbai Photo by Sean MacEntee

The winsome locales serving best cheesecakes Mumbai

In here is chronicled account about the 6 top-notch domains, who, with their delectable arrays of this particular dessert continue to give buyers that gratification dose that is comparable only to seventh heaven elation. The candid kiosks include:

Boulangerie of Leo, Andheri—How is the image of the white cream cake top garnished with mango slices or strawberry pieces appearing to you? Tempting to the optima, Right? Well at this confectionary, avail a chance to taste that in reality. The place is particularly preferred for during-the-season mango and strawberry cheesecakes created by its expert team.

Crumb-Ilicious, Colaba—Is your mind ready to forget for one day the dietary norms and indulge into the sin of gluttony? If ‘Aye’ then set foot at this joyful joint that epitomizes the notion of best cheesecakes mumbai. Delve into the realms of delectation by ordering for the Cheescake with Hazelnut topping. The velvety texture, the delicate bite and the nut intensity makes you forget all worldly worries and drenches the heart only with the elation of relish.

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Cheesecake’s Republic, Goregaon—If yours is a option-seeking tongue and mind, then this is the abode to hunt down. Acknowledged to serve one of the widest of types within the competitors, this confectionary is a favorite among Mumbai-kers to drop by during their holiday or weekend evenings and collect some perfect dollops of deliciousness, especially blueberry cheesecake mumbai. When visiting for the first time, do not miss tasting and buying the Red Velvet, Oreo and Cookie Dough patterned sorts.

best cheesecakes mumbai Photo by jimkillock

LSD (Love-Sugar-Dough), Khar—Getting excited by the striking name only? Well, remain affirmed that it is not the only cause offered by the cup-cake boutique to you for paying a visit to its ambience. At pace with the inclinations of its regular clientele, the earnest advice is to endeavor for the Cheese Cup-Cakes of flavors Chocolate, Coconut and Lemon and the distinctive variety of Tiramisu. The famed serving of the store is the Reddish Velvety Style type with profusion of Cream Cheese. What the customers like most about the place is the smoothness of each loaf that they vow to just delightfully disappear on biting. The domain is also preferred for getting delicious blueberry cheesecake mumbai.

Theobroma, Bandra West—Thought about a Cheesecake graced with the zap of alcohol and piquancy of chilies? Sounding way too exotic? But, this patisserie actually has made that happen in reality. A favorite among the dessert connoisseurs, this store caters the matchless variants like Cheesecake in Mawa manner and that tossed with Vodka and Chili. The classic whitish and creamy New York type is another of its signature dish and it is also the right address to buy luring blueberry cheesecake mumbai.

Moshe’s Café, Malad—Undoubtedly, as a sweets devotee, you have heard about the American favorite Philadelphia Cheesecake? Willing to have a genuine taste of it? Come to this bistro. The chefs here correctly vow of serving the finest dollops of this definite variety and thus upheld the domain as the preeminent one to avail best cheesecakes mumbai.

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Also be acquainted with love and cheesecake mumbai, maharashtra

best cheesecakes mumbai Photo by Sean MacEntee

When your craving reaches the zenith and desires to personalized shapes of the in-discussion cake form, then the site of love and cheesecake mumbai, maharashtra is the apt cue for you. Situated at the Powai locale, specifically within the estates of Hiranandani Gardens, love and cheesecake mumbai, maharashtra is a dainty confectionary where taste is given more priority than the environ décor. The top-notch genres of Cheesecakes served at love and cheesecake mumbai, maharashtra are:

  • Chocolate Bomb
  • Red Velvet
  • Cheese Mascarpone
  • Simple New York
  • Hazelnut

Avowedly, it occupies an individualistic place within the bakeries housing best cheesecakes mumbai.

best cheesecakes mumbai Photo by aliciat89

The pleasurable option of cheesecake navi mumbai

Within the varieties of cheesecake navi mumbai that are popular, the blueberry topped is the most celebrated one. And Treat of Baker at Nerul is the credible kiosk that serves it. In addition to this sort, this confectionary also prides in preparing the up-scale kinds of cheesecake navi mumbai like the Choco-Truffle and Eggless sorts. Another suburban site catering alluring cheesecake navi mumbai is Vashi’s Bakery at Front Street. Pros customers enlist it as the domain to get finest blueberry cheesecake mumbai.

With all these beckoning and mouth-watering prudence be sure to keep a time-stretch aside to venture out for the winsomest of explorations.

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Best Cheesecakes Mumbai : Top 6 Spots In The City

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