Hathi Pol Bazaar In The The City Of Lakes Udaipur

Are you planning a vacation to Rajasthan? Then you should never forget to visit the Udaipur. Udaipur is also known as “The City of Lakes.” Not only this Udaipur is considered as the shopping paradise for buyers. Udaipur is going to give you a complete experience of shopping as well as sightseeing.

You can view the beautiful palaces and lakes along with them, and you can get a collection of several royal things, which can keep as a memory of your visit. Also, these things are so much rich in their looks and designs that it will add a new royal and authentic look to your wardrobe as clothes and footwear and house as home decors and kitchen wares.

The main attraction of Udaipur is their handicraft. You will be amazed to see the work done by the craftsmen over here. In every piece of craft, they tend to show their culture and tradition to the outside world.

You will find various markets in Udaipur for different things. One such market is “Hathi Pol Bazaar.” This Hathi Pol Bazaar has a vast collection of handicrafts. This market is not only visited by the local Indians, but also by the foreign tourist. The peculiar work of crafts done by the craftsmen here is jaw-dropping. It has attracted a pleasant buzz of tourists towards itself. The specialty of this market has got a good income to its shopkeepers and also to the government of Rajasthan.

Location: This Hathi Pol Bazaar is located very near to the famous City Palace of Udaipur. Being in Udaipur, City Palace is a must visiting the place, so you can also get to the Hathi Pol bazaar to see the attraction of Udaipur. It is better to get to the market on foot from the City Palace. This way, you can explore the market better.

Significance: Hathi Pol bazaar is itself a great place of importance. This market is a place which is a must-visit if you are in Udaipur. You can go anytime between 9 am to 5:30 pm. But keep in mind that the market is closed on Sunday. This market will amaze with the type of handicrafts work it has.

  • Hathi Pol bazaar has gained immense popularity for its beautiful pieces depicting the folk arts of Rajasthan. Folk art represents the dance forms, folk songs, and their traditional art and craft.
  • Hathi Pol Bazaar holds a wide and never-ending variety of handicrafts. People from outside India visit this market to get these handicraft products to showcase the beauty and talent of India in their respective countries.
  • The ancient and beautiful art of Rajasthan is also sold here. It is the miniature Rajasthani Paintings. These paintings are made with extreme care and perfection. These paintings show the folk art of Rajasthan and are made by highly experienced painters.
  • If you one of them who are very fond of collecting vintage and cultural pieces, then you should go for the Pichwai and Phad paintings. You should buy them if you pay your visit to Hathi Pol market.
  • You will also get wooden handicrafts that can be used as home décor, or a perfect gift for all your dear and near ones. They will act as a vintage piece of art and craft.
  • One more shopper delight is the “Nagra” slippers. These are made up of camel skin and are made very colorful with thread embroideries.

Hathi Pol market is going to give you a treasure of handicrafts. Check out the market and take your favorite items. You can also bargain there for fair prices.

Featured Photo of ‘Rajasthan, India’ by Ninara under CC BY 2.0

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