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Haridwar – Hari Ka Dwar

Haridwar is amongst the most religious places with the city known for its temples and the kind of holiness that it possesses. It is located it in the state of Uttarakhand. In this article, I will tell you about places which you can visit on your next trip to Haridwar in Uttarakhand.

Haridwar – Hari ka Dwar

1. Har Ki Pauri

This happens to be a popular tourist destination. “Har ki Pauri” means Lord’s footsteps which is a landmark in the form of Vishnu’s footprint (Vishnu was an incarnation of God). Hari Ki Pauri hosts Kumbh Mela and Ardha Kumbh Mela and is well known for the same.

2. Chandni Devi Temple

The temple was founded by Adi Shankararcharya, a Hindu philosopher who lived during 700 – 820 AD. It attracts pilgrims from far and wide, especially during the Kumbh Mela and Navratra.

3. Shanti Kunj

It happens to be a place where people say, they can “Reinvent” themselves. People come here and meditate; accommodation is available at a very nominal rate and the canteen is good too.

4. Mansa Devi Temple

It happens to be a very renowned and old temple, people believe that this is the temple where your desires and dreams can get fulfilled. You can visit here by walk or ropeway service. It is visited by a large number of people every day and they claim that it gives immense gratification to the soul.

5. Daksh Mahadev Temple

Like the name suggests, the temple dedicates Lord Shiva. Daksh Mahadev Temple is in Kankhal, a few kilometres by road from Haridwar city. It is a very peaceful place which makes it a must visit.

Haridwar photo
Haridwar_Ganga Dashara Festival_2005 by gbSk

6. Vaishno Devi Temple

In relation to other such temples in the State of Uttarakhand, this temple is relatively new. It is famous for being a copy of the temple with the same name in J&K. Caves and Tunnels lead to the temples through a pathway within it.

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7. Sapt Rishi Ashram

The Ashram is named after seven saints, is on the banks of Ganga river and is a very well maintained Ashram. It is perfect for meditation and other religious activities. People claim that the “Prashad” served here is divine; many appreciate it for its cleanliness and also say that it is a perfect place to meditate.

After all this, all we can say is that Haridwar is a place where you can get inner peace and satisfaction. It is undoubtedly a city which you should holiday in at least once in your lifetime. Haridwar can be defined as a perfect place for meditation, inner relaxation and on top of it worshipping God.

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