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Gurugram – The Call Centre Capital Of India

Gurugram, erstwhile Gurgaon – Is it  “Millennium City”,  the “Call Center Capital of India”, the “City of Malls”, the “City that Never Sleeps” or the ‘Singapore of India’?

Difficult to choose the right one, isn’t it? Gurugram in recent times has reached new heights which has caused several names to be attached to the city.

Historical Gurgaon

Gurugram or Gurgaon is one of the four major satellite cities of the National Capital Region of Delhi. It’s located in the northern edge of Aravali Mountains, the place where battle of Kurukshetra was organized much before it actually took place. Legend has it that Gurgaon had been donated to Guru Dronacharya by the Pandavas. The town was initially named as Guru Gaon or Guru Gram that means “Village of Guru”. This is where Dronacharya took one thumb of Eklavya and ensured that Arjuna who was his favorite never faced competition.

In the early 80’s, Delhi saw an influx of workers from the nearby state which caused a dearth of housing space. This is when the Haryana government stepped in to take land from the farmers and make Haryana Urban Development Association or HUDA. To ease this pressure HUDA made a number of housing and commercial estates which actually led to the development of Gurgaon.

Urbanization and Globalization of Gurgaon

The city has witnessed exponential growth in economic activity and emerged as a major hub for the outsourcing businesses and MNCs. Connectivity to the national capital and proximity to the international airport have attracted plethora of MNCs and IT companies to set up their offices in Gurgaon. The city also regularly attracts business entrepreneurs and capitalists to establish their set-ups. The city has 475 large and medium scale industries with an investment of Rs 13,000 billion+ and an employment capacity of 1,70,000+. There are around 10,000 Small Scale industries with an investment of around Rs 5,000 billion and an employment capacity of 1,74K +.

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Gurgaon represents a futuristic India that receives a constant drip of urbanization and globalization. Due to this rapid growth, several big names in the real estate sector have shown interest in the city and have developed both commercial and residential properties. Many small investors have made a huge impact and turned from small enterprises to multimillion dollar firms. Now the city exemplifies an engine of growth and has the reputation of having the best infrastructure in terms of housing, schools, hospitality and medical facilities.

The city thrives in satisfying the desires of the distinguished boarders who travel from different parts of the world. The heritage resorts in Gurgaon lure the travelers with its unmatched opulence that carefully embeds the rudiments of Indian architecture. These resorts also are perfect Business Center and provide state-of-the-art facilities for hosting business conferences and meetings.

In spite of being one of the major industrial and corporate hub, the city also projected itself as one of the most preferred and ideal tourist destinations in India. Malls with high-end brands, lavish dining avenues and adventure activities have lately made it one of the most favored choices among young populace.

Featured Photo: Gurgaon by Shayon Ghosh CC BY-ND 2.0

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