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The popularity of the Mannar Marine National Park is remarkable undoubtedly. The gulf in this park can leave an extraordinary impression on your mind. The place consists of 21 islands that are protected as well. The national park is expanded 6.23 Km2, and you can spend your holidays in an exciting manner there. This park is located in the state of Tamil Nadu, and the district of the location of this park is in Ramanathapuram and Tuticorin. You can find some rare Marine animals and some exciting coral reefs at this national park which is known for its unique kind of biodiversity. The best time to visit this place is between the months of October to March. This place is perfect for nature and animal lovers. You can enjoy the beauty of the living animals under the water in this reserved park. You are not permitted to hunt, poach or anything harmful to the animals. The area of the preservation is marked by the authority, and you should maintain it to let the animals live a charming life.

Mannar Marine National ParkPhoto by BOMBMAN

Attractions of the Mannar Marine National Park

This beautiful place attracts a huge number of tourists every year. You can enjoy the charm of the place in different ways. You can ride on a boat which has a glass floor to attract your attention to the animals under your boat. The gulf of mannar marine national park tourism can guide you to get the ultimate fun of this place. The gulf of mannar map indicates that it covers the third largest area of the ocean division across the world. The remarkable biodiversity at this park can make you amazed.

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You can enjoy around 3600 species of flora and fauna at this park. These species are preserved by the authority of the area, and these are sheltered to e taken care of as well. The various species of sea grasses at this park can also provide you with a visual joy. Hard corals at the surrounded area of the park are available in 117 varieties, and that is a record. The Mannar Marine National Park is full of different kinds of water lives like seahorses, dolphins, barracudas, Oysters, sea cucumbers, herrings, Balano-Glossus and other animals.

Apart from this water life of the Mannar Marine National Park, you can also enjoy the turtles on the sea shore. This sandy shore of the sea can be enjoyed by the tourists in an amazing manner as well. The migrant birds on the shore of the sea can make your tour closer to the animals and birds. You can enjoy the nature of the Gulf of mannar marine national park tourism at its best.

Mannar Marine National Park

Photo by Swaroop C H

Geography of the national park

The view of the mannar marine national park has become more beautiful because of merging two rivers named Tambaraparani and Aruvi Aru. The gulf of mannar map shows how these two rivers are merged on the two sides of the ocean. The Gulf of mannar map also indicates that this place becomes very much heated in summer. So, you can make your tour plan there in the winter. At that time the temperature remains around 17-degree centigrade which is comfortable to explore the place.

How to reach

The Gulf of mannar marine national park tourism can guide you to reach this place in detail. Gulf of mannar is located near the station of the Ramanathapuram District. It is only 5 kilometres from the station.  Gulf of mannar is located near the airport named Madurai which is 150 kilometre away. You can also go by road to this national park as the Gulf of mannar located near Photo by .

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The above-mentioned information may make your tour at this place easier and comfortable. You can spend your day on the boat sailing on the ocean to enjoy the views of the species that are living on the water and enjoy their beauty there.

Featured Photo byBOMBMAN

Gulf Of Mannar Marine National Park

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