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GRS Fantasy Amusement Park – Mysore, Karnataka

Recipient of seven National awards for excellence, the park attracts visitors of all ages for spending a fun-filled vacation. The ride Dragon’s Den had won the most innovative ride award in India.

The park is open Monday to Saturday from 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM. On Sundays and all National Holidays it is open till 7:00 PM.

The nearest railway station is Mysuru Junction, 5 km away from the park. The nearest bus stand is Mysuru City Bus Stand, 8 km away from the park. The park also operates its own shuttle services between the park and the city of Mysore at regular intervals. You can also avail a cab or ride your own car to reach the park. The park is located 6 km away from the Mysore city center.

The Rides

The park is famous for Dragon’s Den, the award-winning innovative ride which transforms you back into the Jurassic Age. Dominated by dragons and dinosaurs breathing fire and roaring thunderous sounds, it is a spine chilling experience. The visitors linger along the nature trail in the ancient land inhaling the air filled with eeriness.

A 180 feet height artificial rock wall inside the park offers the adventurous minds a thrilling experience in rock climbing or mountaineering. The wall has secure protruding rests for foot support to ascend the heights with the help of a rope. A daredevil person can even enjoy a free fall from the highest point of the wall.

The Thrilling Land Rides

You can reminisce your childhood in the Swing Chair as you swing along in the chairs revolving around in circles. Your spirits are sure to get uplifted as you sway along with the breeze.

You can feel the intensity and stimulation as you ride aboard the two most electrifying rides of the park. The Telecombat will offer you the experience of boarding a fighter plane moving up and down at an intensifying speed. The riders whizz past fellow planes within a closed circle. The Columbia is another stimulating ride swaying at both sides lifting the riders at a semi-vertical height. You will feel a sudden emptiness in your stomach and a strong rush of adrenaline.

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The Freefall Crazy Cruise allures the adventure enthusiasts driving the riders crazy through sharp turns and twists eventually landing at a screeching halt.

Many of us in our childhood have played with catapults or at least have observed kids playing with catapults. But have you ever thought of being pulled by a catapult itself? The park provides the unique opportunity to attach yourself with a catapult and spring, bounce, jump up and down and rebound with the pull.

The other two delightful rides are the Dashing car where can crash against your fellow car riders bumping into each other and the Music Bob where the riders whirl around in a bob at a super jet-speed along with the rhythmic music beats.

The Exclusive Water Rides 

The park is the home for some exclusive water rides. The famous among them are the Amazonia and the Hawaiian Paradise. Amazonia ride transmits you into the rain forests of Amazon. It is an adventurous ride through the thick jungles with water splashes, rocks, and lush green trees. The Hawaiian themed Paradise presents an amazing display of multiple interactive water play systems. Covering a massive area of 26,000 square feet, people of all age groups enjoy the splashes from tilting buckets, water jets, water umbrellas, water cannons, water curtains, water guns, water tunnels, and twisting water slides.

 Accompanied by the Scintillating Aqua Slides 

You can feel the effect of being swirled inside a massive cyclone in the Aqua Tornado. It engulfs the riders inside its mammoth clasp at a speed of 20 miles per hour. The rides channel the riders into a funnel-like tornado within an hour and drop them into a huge pool of water. It has the capacity of pulling in 900 riders in one hour. Coupled with it is the Thunder Slide, where the ride will slide you down at an exhilarating speed into a water pool amidst the sounds of roaring thunders and lightning strikes.

Aqua Racer is another electrifying six-lane ride that enthralls the riders through multiple twists, turns, curves, and hurls. Each lane provides a different experience of the curves. The end path is a gliding drop at an intensifying speed into a water pool.

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The other two interesting rides are the Pendulum Slide, oscillating like a pendulum accompanied by a steep slide, and the Wavy Crazy Cruise, moving along curves and bends at lightning speeds to drop into a water pool.

 And the Cool and Relaxing ones

The park offers a10,000 square feet wave pool with a feel of drifting in an artificial sea. The pool attracts people of all ages offering a real-life experience of splattering in the gushing sea waters.

There are multiple water slides where riders are boarded on rafts with their stomach down. The height of the slide is similar to a second storey building. The riders glide down with the rafts at lightning speed into a water pool.

There is also an Aqua dance floor, providing a delightful experience amongst the rains and captivating music to tap your feet and enchant your minds.

Two more rides attract the visitors for a calm and serene experience. The Float ride with comfortable twists and turns and the Lazy River where you can sway comfortably across the water lanes, tunnels and under the bridges on rafts.

The Fun-filled Kiddie Rides

The park has ample opportunities for the kids and toddlers to enjoy a fun and frolic day. The Ramp Slide is especially designed for the kids to glide down and splash inside a pool of water. Atlantis and Aqua Trail are also two perfect water slides for the kids where they can slide along the twists and turns and zoom inside the water pool splashing and drenching all along. There is a special pool only for the kids with water curtains, water tunnels, water slides, and a water pool. The Mini Aqua Bowl is another interesting ride for the kids where they climb up the stairs, run around, glide through the tunnels and splash inside a shallow pool of water.

Then comes the Baby Train, a ride for the toddlers. They board a mini train and whizz past on the rail tracks. It is fun to watch them merrily chirping and smiling as they ride in the joy train. The fun part is to watch the kids gallop happily on their favourite animals in the Carousel. The animals drop and rise and swirl around with the kids bursting into giggles and laughter. The Caterpillar ride is also an entertaining for the kids as they spin around in a circle rejoicing and reliving every moment chuckling in glory.

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The park also hosts a green open play area with artistic shaped bushes and trees. There are slides for the kids to ride and enjoy. A large statue of a sitting chimpanzee is one of the attractions inside the playground.

5D Virtual Show

You can enjoy a breathtaking 5D virtual show hosting animation effects with water sprays, motion chairs, gusts of wind, water bubbles, entertaining music, and scintillating sound effects.

Snow Sledge

You can also entertain yourself aboard the spectacular snow sledges sliding past snow-capped mountains and embracing the chilled air.

 The Red Indian Falls

You will be transported into the era of the Red Indians of North America within the huge 80 feet high waterfall. A hefty amount of 72,000 liters of water streams along the falls. The centers of attraction are the makeshift leather dwellings called Tepees and totem poles which were extensively used by the Red Indians.

Other Attractions

For a day-long spend at the park, it is very essential to fill up your stomach. The park hosts two restaurants – Indra Dhanush, a veg eatery and Hawaiian Paradise, a multi-cuisine eatery. Few food kiosks and an ice cream parlor are also present inside the park with multiple food options and refreshing drinks.

There is also an amphitheater, conference hall and a banquet hall hosting parties, seminars, events, and conferences.

The GRS Fantasy Park in Mysore is one of the happening places in the State of Karnataka, entertaining the visitors with its stunning rides and fun zones.

Featured Photo of ‘Summersville Waterpark…. SL’s Ultimate Water Theme Park’ by ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓ under CC BY-SA 2.0


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