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Serene Environment, immense water adventures and loads of fun awaits you at the Gopalpur Beach. For many tourists, Gopalpur is one of those sea beaches that can enthrall the senses of many. If you are someone who resides in the Eastern part of the country and looking forward to a great experience by the seaside, then the Gopalpur beach would be your ideal choice. Many individuals who have visited this pristine beach in the past are of the opinion that it is one of the peaceful beaches in India.

A brief overview of the Gopalpur Beach

The Gopalpur Beach has located just 16 kilometers away from Berhampur. You can witness dilapidated walls and structure of the jetty as it was a prominent harbor in the colonial era. Moreover, if you are someone who loves a peaceful ambiance, then the Gopalpur Beach should be your ideal choice. As the Gopalpur Beach possess alluring trance like capabilities, it is slowly becoming one of the finest beaches in the Eastern part of India. Gopalpur sightseeing is one of the major activities in case you are bored of the pristine beach.

Gopalpur photoPhoto by EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid

Some prominent highlights of the Gopalpur Beach

You would be fascinated to know that the Beach Festival is one of the major attractions of the Gopalpur Beach. It is being organized and celebrated with much fanfare and pomp. It is interesting to note that the concept of this beach festival originated in the year 1996. It is mainly done to promote culture and tourism in the area. Ever since, this festival has been a regular affair. You can find affordable Gopalpur Hotels during the commencement of this beach festival.

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The prospect of practicing water sports in the pristine waters of this place

You would be fascinated to know that there is training cum fun ride facility in the backwaters of Gopalpur. Perhaps this place is one of the first sea beaches in India that has a training center for water sports as well as water adventures. You can practice paddle boat, rowing, and water scooter activities. You can also visit the local lighthouse in the afternoon to witness the rays of the setting sun. Gopalpur sightseeing can be your other activity if you have enough of the blue sea and its pristine sands.

Gopalpur photoPhoto by BOMBMAN

How to reach this place?

It is connected to the main cities of eastern India. If you are someone who is staying in Kolkata, then it is situated just a few hours away. Moreover, to reach this place by train, you first need to arrive at the Berhampur railway station. It is interesting too that all the major Gopalpur Hotels are located on the beach itself. The Gopalpur sightseeing in Berhampur can be your ideal pastime. To reach this place by air, you first need to arrive at the Bhubaneswar Airport. From there you can hire a taxi and a cab to reach this place.

The Gopalpur Lighthouse

The prospect of visiting a lighthouse is always a fascinating one. And if you are someone who is fond of witnessing the setting sun rays in the pristine blue waters of the sea, then the beach should be your ideal option. Hence, you should always make it a point to visit the lighthouse as it would provide you with a 360-degree view of the sea. Moreover, the lighthouse is a great place to click some amazing pictures. Quite interestingly, this tower would also provide you with an excellent view of the parts of the Chilika Lake.

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Gopalpur photoPhoto by allestern

The unique aspects of the beach

The beach comprises of golden sand and the blue waters that exude its charm. It is comparatively one of the cleanest beaches in India. If you are fond of beach bath, then the beach is an ideal place to do so. You can also enjoy quite evenings with the moonlight shimmering over the peaceful water. Stay at affordable Hotels to make the most out of your trip.

Featured Photo byallestern

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