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Should you travel to hills or beaches? Admit it; it is one of the most challenging questions to answer when you are a travel buff. However, to make things easier for you, the Gokarna place is an appropriate spot where you can admire the beauty of both the worlds. Gokarna is often considered as a paradise for beach lovers and trekkers, and there are reasons for that. It is a tiny temple town that is located in Karnataka. You would be fascinated to know that the Kudle Beach Gokarna, as well as the Gokarna Om beach, is famous among beach trekkers. Besides that the Gokarna beaches have a wild beauty adjoined to them that makes them a top choice among trekkers.

A brief overview of this place

You would be astonished to know that this place is situated at a distance of 150 kilometers from Goa. Hence, do not shake your head in disappointment if you think that you have missed this place on your latest trip to Goa. The best way to reach this place is by train from Goa. However, you can also avail numerous overnight buses from Pune, Mumbai, and Bangalore. If you are someone who loves to appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature, then the Gokarna beaches would best serve your interests. The small hillocks situated at this place would also present to you some scenic views that would be inscribed in your memory for long.

Gokarna photoPhoto by Jo Kent

The Kudle beach Gokarna and the Gokarna Om beach

These two beaches in this place is one of the all-time favorites among travelers who like to take the less trodden road. It is so because the Gokarna Om beach is in the shape of the auspicious Hindu symbol. Many travelers are of the view that it embraces the spirituality of the town. The town itself is set amidst beautiful mountains, and you would only love the picture. On the other hand, the Kudle beach Gokarna is another main tourist attraction of the town. It is one of those beaches in Karnataka that records one of the highest footfalls.

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Both the Gokarna Om beach and the Kudle beach Gokarna provides the tourists with fascinating experiences that they would memorize for long. The other famous Gokarna beaches can be easily reached by taking a boat ride or an auto ride. However, if you are adventurous, then you should opt for a trekking gear that would help you to make sure that your adventure spirits are uplifted in a proper manner. You can also go on the golden trail hiking route that would allow you to have a glimpse of this place beaches from the mountaintop.

The places to eat in Gokarna

If you are someone who is a great food lover and is staying near the Om Beach, then you would have plenty of options. You can visit the various restaurants that dot the shore. It is indeed a fascinating site to witness the lights beside the seashore. On the other hand, if you are a vegetarian, you can also find a lot of eateries that would best serve your culinary delights. In other words, this place is a full place where you can find adventure as well as a large assortment of delicious food items.

Gokarna photoPhoto by Sissssou2

Places to stay in Gokarna

As mentioned earlier, this place never falls short to surprise the visitors. It has well-designed home stay facilities as well as necessary lodging facilities that would suit people from different economic backgrounds. Do not think much about budgetary allocation as traveling to this place would be one of your affordable trips. You can also book hotels near the shoreline that would fascinate your senses in an ethical manner. The place of Gokarna also has hotels that are best tuned for the luxurious and comfortable living for travelers.

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Featured Photo by dutta_anurag

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