Ghat Ki Guni Tunnel- An Architectural Marvel Of Jaipur, Rajasthan

In the 17th century Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh founder of Jaipur city, founded the Ghat ki Guni alley, an architectural marvel of Jaipur, Rajasthan. It is an alley that is set in the quaint Eastern hill range of Aravali hills. Crossing through which can be a once in a lifetime experience for any visitors entering the pink city.

An interesting mix of magnificent chhatras, temples, palaces and gardens are lined up on both sides of Ghat ki Guni for at least 2 kilometers. It definitely is a hallmark of the amazing architecture that Jaipur is known for.

Ghat ki Guni was planned in such a way that while passing through it one would come across a perfect representation of Mughal terraced gardens. Besides these, many temples, havellis and private houses are also found in a row next to the alley. Though with time, some of these structures stand deserted.

Ghat ki Guni being the only entry and exit point in Jaipur Rajasthan from the eastern zone became more and more crowded and accident prone with the passing of time and the increase of traffic. This was a major cause of concern for the state as well as the central government and they needed to find a solution for it without further ado. The only suitable way out for this problem at hand was to create an alternative route, through which the heavy commercial vehicles can be diverted, so that it would not only help ease the traffic congestion but also systematize the existing traffic at the Ghat ki Guni alley.

But building a tunnel through a mountain was easier said than done in a rocky, mountainous and rough topography without causing any harm to the natural inhabitants of the place. Considering all the above factors experts from all over the country were brought in and latest technology was used to build this tunnel.The tunnel is one of its kinds in the state. It was the first toll road in Jaipur but the toll is only charged for the heavy vehicles that would pass through it.

After a lot of hard work the Ghat ki Guni twin tube tunnel finally came to life in the year 2013.The symmetric architecture and the captivating façade lining on both sides of the road has immediately caught the fancy of the tourists visiting the city. The tunnel runs for 2,800 meters. It is divided into two lanes but interconnected at two places after every 330 meters. The interconnected lanes help one change according to convenience. Keeping in mind the the heritage, craftsmanship and architecture of Jaipur the walls of the tunnel have been painted in pink.
This tunnel connects Jaipur to Bharatpur and Agra. The havelis on both sides of the tunnel and the gorgeous mountains that adorn the roads makes it a beautiful experience to drive through the tunnel. To make this tunnel safe and pollution free, a control console has been installed in the tunnel. There are also sensors installed in the pathway to keep a check at the expected pollution that is going to be created owing to the heavy traffic that it would cater to. The sidewalks and proper illumination inside the tunnel is also an added advantage.

So if you are a travel buff and have a knack for history and Indian culture than Ghat ki Guni tunnel should be a must visit for you. A rare combination of technology and heritage is awaiting you. So if you are planning for a trip that would leave you in amazement then Ghat ki Guni road trip is definitely for you!

Featured Photo of ‘Ghat ki Guni’ by Mayank Bhagya under CC BY 2.0

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