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Get Swept By The Scenic Beauty Of Barot!

Tired of visiting places crowded with tourists? Want to wander into unexplored territory and enjoy a peaceful vacation? Make your way to Barot, the untouched beautiful village in Himachal.


Situated in Mandi district, Barot with its picturesque views, flowing river and leafy trees is the perfect getaway for anyone in need of a break.

A part of the Uhl river valley, the quaint village is slowly becoming popular with backpackers, trekkers and tourists.

Barot Valley was developed as a hydel project but became known for its quiet home stays, winter evenings and simple but delicious food.

barot photo
Barot by travelling slacker under CC BY 2.0


Tourists and travelers can reach Barot easily from the major cities in India. The closest airport is Kullu. You can also travel by road from Delhi. If you prefer travelling by train, Jogindernagar railway station is where you should get down to reach the village.

The great thing about Barot is unlike a lot of Himachal villages, it’s weather is same through the year. The winters are pleasant and the summers are lovely so tourists and travelers can visit anytime during the year.

You can expect heavy rainfall in Barot so avoid visiting during the monsoon season.

Things to do

Barot is quieter compared to the other chaotic tourist destinations in Himachal.  You will be hard pressed to find any adventure sports but angling is getting popular among tourists and locals.

Barot can be the ideal break on your Himachal tour between other hectic stops.

There is still a lot to do and see in this beautiful village surrounded by valleys. Active tourists and travelers can enjoy early morning treks and hikes in the dense forests and green mountains. The treks are not that challenging and beginners can test their abilities by trying their hand in Barot.

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Barot is also a stop to the bigger and difficult treks and trails. The snow clad Dhauladhar range is visible from the village.

barot photo
Lohardi by travelling slacker under CC BY 2.0

You can camp near Uhl river, catch fresh fish and walk along the woods in the day. Local companies offer camping packages that will let you just enjoy your peace while they arrange everything else. Trout fishing is quite common and a fun activity to try. You will need to take a trout fishing license before you indulge in fishing. There are trout farms nearby and you can even see the breeding process.

The Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Barot. Home to unique creatures such as the gorai, pheasants and the Himalayan Black Bear, it is a stunning glimpse into nature and wildlife.

Tourists can also see the Shanan Hydel Project, India’s first hydro project in megawatt capacity.

Paragliding is also becoming a favorite among tourists and locals. Bigger towns like Bir Billing attract the conventional sports loving tourists but Barot is the appropriate choice if you want something more private and fresh.

The edgy and risk loving travelers can also have a chance at mountain biking. A relatively new sport in Himachal, mountain biking is difficult because of the terrain. Barot has many experienced trainers who will let you enjoy this thrilling sport safely.

Barot is not a commercial tourist destination yet so you can pick a simple home stay operated by residents. To be sure of a bed and stay, we advise you to book in advance. The home stays offer hot, spicy and delicious local food that will seem exceptionally tasty enjoyed with the wonderful views the place has to offer.

Other than being an offbeat and serene haven, it is also very cost efficient and people who are traveling on a budget shouldn’t think twice before booking their next holiday in Barot!

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Featured Photo: Barot by travelling slacker under CC BY 2.0

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