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The Bhuri Singh Museum In Chamba

Those who are simply in love with discovering the hidden scenic beauty of nature, they must be familiar with this place for sure. And in case, you have recently ignited this passion of going to the hidden towns of India then here is one amazing place that can enrich your experience in many ways. So, let’s start to roll the ball.

Bhuri Singh Museum

Unearthed in the year 1908, this museum has been constructed to give respectful tribute to Raja Bhuri Singh. At present, this temple is ugan town of Chamba, Himachal Pradesh. When the museum was left open for the natives of Chaugan town, it only had beautiful paintings of Raja Bhuri Singh but if you get to visit this iconic place, at present, then you will a rich and ancient collection of Raja Bhuri Singh’s time which includes- miniature paintings, old palaces, frescoes, copper plate grants, beautifully carved doors and much more. Just in case, you are simply in love with the passion of unraveling the history of past times, especially in the beauty of Himachal Pradesh, then starting off your tour with this adorable place can be an interesting start.

This museum is also recognized well for displaying the beautiful and memorable scenes from Ramayana and Bhagavata Gita. According to some researchers and philosophers, this place is no less than a medium to fetch more and more information about the Indian heritage stored in the scenic beauty of Himachal Pradesh. You can also get to see authentic coins, jewelry, plush costumes (usually worn by the Raja or family members of Raja’s family), arms, armors, musical instruments, showpieces, and other royal items of the royal family.

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Most of the travelers who have visited this place so far, consider it the best source of information to know the best possible details about the history of Chamba, Himachal Pradesh. Apart from this, a high majority of people even appreciate the quality of native cuisine usually available outside this museum at reasonable prices.

To relish your tour at this place, it is good to book a hotel somewhere around the museum and enjoy your visit to the nearby places as well. And in case, you are planning to have a quick yet interesting one-day tour, try winding up your traveling time so you can make the most out of it.

And yes, not to forget, the best time to visit this museum is in the weekdays between 10 A.M to 5 P.M. This is the time when it is most likely to be opened.


This blog speaks about the major elements of the Bhuri Singh Museum which are located in the adorable beauty of Chamba, Himachal Pradesh. It holds a major part of India’s heritage, especially of Himachal Pradesh specifically. There are end numbers of royal belongings displayed for the public to witness and enjoy a visual treat which is hard to find anywhere else in the world. But before you plan to visit here, try accompanying with a professional guide for the best experience.

Featured Photo of ‘Chamba’ by Travelling Slacker under CC BY 2.0

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