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Get Astonished In Mohammadpur Umri Or The Village Of Twins

India is rich in cultural diversity, traditions, food, temples, forts, caves, historical monuments, and so. Villages of India are also famous for scenic landscapes, quaint history, and so. Among these villages spread all over India; there is one village called Mohammadpur Umri, which has gained much media attention.

Mohammad Umri or Kaushambhi is a small village situated near the Air Force base of Bamrauli in Uttar Pradesh, India

The founder of the town was Mohammad Nasir Ali, and hence, the name was given after him, as was called Mohammadpur.

The village covers 80000 km, and the population of Mohammadpur Umri is around 900 or so.

The interesting fact about the village                                                        

The name Mohammadpur Umri sounds like a single place, and you might be wondering why it draws most of the media’s attention. What is it famous for? What is the exciting fact of the village that holds the media’s attention?

The interesting fact of the village is that it comprises of a large number of a set of twins. That is why it is called the twin capital of the world. This is the only reason why Mohammad Umri is different from other villages. Among a total of 300 families, you can find approximately 54 twin pairs. The town claims that the birth rate of identical twins in the city is 300 times the average national scale and is probably one of the highest in the entire world. In Umri, one of ten babies come out to be identical twins.

The town has 65 pairs of identical twins among the total population of the village, i .e.900. It is said that the very first pair of twins were girl children who were born in after 1947. The interesting fact is, the village has a couple of twins in every 5th home. While some people are utterly untouched with this marvel, other families have several sets of twins.

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The fascinating fact is this does not only happen to the villagers but village animals as well. It is almost pretty standard for a cow and a buffalo to give birth to twins and hens to lay an egg with twin yolks.

With this fantastic fact, this village has entered in Limca Book of India record and also under the world record.

What do the scientists and the locals believe?

Scientists, doctors, and villagers share different views based on why there is a remarkably extraordinary number of twin babies in that specific area. It began when an air force base camp was set near the place somewhere around 40 years back. Many people believe that the station’s research machinery affects the twinning, while others believe that the soil and water of the place are extraordinary. The orthodox people of the village consider it as “God’s Gift.”

How to reach there?Get Astonished In Mohammadpur Umr

The village is only 8 miles away from the Allahabad station, so you have to hire a commercial vehicle to reach there.

Featured Photo of “Twins” by yrjö jyske under CC BY 2.0

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