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The mighty Savandurga hills are situated sixty kilometers west of the main city of Bangalore. This hill is popular for being the largest piece of single rock or monolith in the entire Asia. The Savandurga hills are raised at the elevation of twelve hundred meters, above the level of the sea. This hill is said to be a part of the Deccan Plateau. Trekking here is ideal for couples, groups or even individuals who always hunt for a proper place as a trekking trail filled with peaceful, calm and scenic elements of Mother Nature. The Savandurga comprises of two other hills, namely, Karigudda (The black hill) and Biligudda (The White Hill). An extremely deep valley which is called Ramanagara is said to separate these two massive formations of rock. When a trekker moves up along the Savgandurga hills, he or she can come across the remains of the majestic historical fortresses. These fortresses were built under the rule of Kempe Gowda the second. These fortresses were later on invaded and occupied by Tipu Sultan. Trekking at savandurga will be an enriching experience.

Best Weekend Gate Away For Trekking At Savandurga In Karnataka


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Bangalore has got ample of options for the trekkers with an array of trekking trails, but Trekking at savandurga is extremely popular. The gentle slopes of the hills along with the entire undulation can easily be walked on by the novice trekkers, in just a matter of two days maximum. The yellow marks placed along the trail path of the Savandurga trekking course safely guides the trekkers on to the peak of the hills. In the case of Karigudda, these marking are absent which can eventually make an inexperienced trekker lose the path. From the foot region of the Savandurga hills, the journey to uphill will not take much time to complete. One has to walk through the path spread with a lot of scanty vegetation. The slopes may feel to be a little steep and may not always provide a good surface for holding the grip if you are not accustomed to walking on an undulated surface. On the way, you are sure to come across few shrubs and the frangipani trees. Just after covering an hour, you will be able to see a column of granite. This granite podium has got three or two entrances. This area is the perfect landscape for photography. You can also rejuvenate at this spot with water or snacks for your journey ahead.

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The Biligudda has been a prison fort during the reign of the Hoysala Empire. The main composition of this hill is granite. This hill is surrounded by Magadi region. One can also get hold of the migratory birds in the lush green horizons of the area. Accessing the trail of Karigudda requires the proper permit from the authorities for the purpose of climbing. The reason behind this regulation is that the slopes of the hill are dangerously steep and exposed. For this very also, the trekkers choose to walk on the trekker-friendly route of Biligudda. Here one can also come across the temple of Shri Lakshmi Narasimha Swami and also the temple of Sri Savandi. On the very left of the trekking route, you will find a steep rock wall. A proper gear for rock climbing is, therefore, essential to carry on your way upward for Trekking at savandurga. Many people have been able to climb the wall till midway. Climbing without the aid of any proper gear will lead to you face many dangers. Since the path may be slippery, it is recommended that you wear proper trekking shoes instead of any normal pair of athlete shoes.


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The blue and the clear sky along with the greenery below will make you awestruck you with its mesmerizing beauty. The vantage point of the Savandurga hills will be able to give you with the perfect locale for landscape based photography. Just ahead of the granite above the podium, you will come across two different trails. One of these trails will lead you to the dead end of the forest, while the other end will lead you ahead. If you can wake up the explorer residing deep within yourself, then you can find a Hanuman sculpture on your way upwards. When you find the Hanuman sculpture, just come back to the bifurcated point and take the other trail to go up. You will get to see many rocky caves along your way upwards to the hills. You can either choose to explore the caves, or you can also leave them for your later exploration and continue climbing upwards.  Towards the peak, you will come across many walls of the forts. There are four fort walls which will come along your way on your journey upwards. The very last portion or the phase of your journey upwards consists of the steepest area of the hill. You have to be extremely careful while climbing it. The twenty minutes climb on this region will end you up in reaching your destination, the peak of the hill. At the peak, you will find the Nandi Tower. Trekking at savandurga will surely blow your mind with its mesmerizing and splendid view of the surroundings.

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By the very law of physics, trekking your way back downhill is extremely easy and takes much lesser time than climbing. However, it is vital to know that the slopes downhill can behave in a treacherous way if it starts raining. The very untrustworthy formation of these slopes has earned this name of the hill, Savandurga, which when translated into English, means the Fort of Death. Initially, trekking on these slopes was considered to be extremely dangerous, but the very attribute of this slope was used by the then ruler, Tipu Sultan as the advantage to fight off the forces of British. This dangerous theory of the hills has not stopped the trekkers from climbing on it. Instead, every year, hundreds of climbers come to this spot throughout the year to experience the thrill of trekking on this dangerously beautiful spot on the outskirts of the main city of Karnataka, Bangalore.

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Best Weekend Gate Away For Trekking At Savandurga In Karnataka

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