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The Ganges – Purity In Water

The Ganges – Purity in Water

You have always known the huge Ganges like a religious portrait of Hinduism. A dip into the blessed waters of this great river and your path to redemption would not be an impossible dream. For the individuals of this sundry land called India, the river water owns healing ability for both the body and soul. The comforting landscapes in the area add volume to its appeal. A dip at a Ganga Ghat certainly pacifies your devotional sides, but then again, what about a deep dip into the waterfalls of the Ganges (without the salvation)? We tried both – a raft and a bath. Besides, we can’t just help swear by the charisma of the Ganges. It doesn’t matter if our iniquities aren’t properly washed away, however anxiety vanishes in the flowing force of the river. In addition to it, the gratification of winning the nature’s most influential forces is perhaps the most sustaining feeling on earth.

If Ganges signifies a decisive spiritual center of the spiritual circuits in the nation, it is a venture seeker’s bliss as well and blessed by the blessed touch of this divine river body from the heaven, there lies a saintly land known as Rishikesh. Rishikesh was the seamless treatment for our bare sides and the bigger the waterfalls were, the bigger probabilities it held to gratify our exciting streaks. Attempting the uninhabited rapids amongst the appeal of the desert was working on us like some exotic wine and this tempting slowly went on to become a medication for our souls. However, everything comes with a side upshot. Nonetheless the fatigue in the body after a rafting voyage felt sweet as well.

Perhaps, that is why people from all over the globe come running to get flavor of the great Himalayan rafting skill at Rishikesh. Located at the hills of the Shivalik hills, Rishikesh signifies a beautiful painting with seamless strokes of the creator. In addition to it, a properly maintained camping know-how by the river is like a lamination to this precious painting. But then again, if stimulating the surfs in the river is not your sort of activity, the mesmerising sound of the burbling river in seclusion is the remedy you were considering for the Mephistopheles in you.

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We apparently didn’t want to miss the charm of white water rafting on the Ganges and the adrenaline rush. Besides, there is no association of the ecstasy of fighting the currents in the river. Or else, mildly floating past green forest terraced hillsides and was in any case a better choice than inhaling all the metropolitan toxins.

Prior to setting the foot at Rishikesh, I had perceived that the Ganges has many veins depending upon how you take a look at it and at Rishikesh we did meet a very special one – obstinate and wild. Nevertheless, the inflexible nature only depicted a deeper side of its personality that you can label as profound. Though, the appeal of rafting is to pacify the deep. Isn’t it? It doesn’t mean that we went in contradiction to the law and nature. It was only a mode to win our uncertainties and anxieties. Rafting was certainly a tool.

Why the “Ganga Jal” or Ganges water is believed to be holy and pure? As per some reports, Ganga Jal or Ganga water don’t get imposed to fungi or several other pathogens.

Some people assert that the water of river Ganga comprises Bacteriophages a virus that attaches itself with other viruses and several other causative pathogens through their cell membrane and after fastening itself, it burst out and therefore killing the pathogens.

Hence these bacteriophages are the aims for Ganges water to remain hygienic and pure even after the water is kept for long.

Some say, the river bed of Ganges holds calcium phosphate that helps in the purification of Ganges water. The cause of these calcium phosphates are the dispersing of people, that has been practiced in this since ancient times.

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There are a lot of similar thesis and logics given on the holiness of river Ganges water. However, there are also people who compete against these theses and say they are nothing nonetheless an orthodox exercise of treating Ganges water to be pure and sacred. They say these are just personal experiences without any unbiased certainty.

Featured Photo: Ganges by sats_somu under CC BY 2.0


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