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Galtaji Temple, An Unconventional Shrine In Jaipur

Galta temple, or also known as Galtaji Monkey temple, is a very popular Hindu shrine in Jaipur. India being a religious country, a tourist can find temples of all religions in any corner of the nation. Moreover, some of the temples in India will appear to have more than one God’s statue and this temple belongs to the same league. Surrounded by a water tank or kund and nestled on the laps of Aravalli hills, this forms a peculiar quality of the temple. That is why it is a mixture of natural beauty and crowds that throng to this destination from all over the world. A tourist will have a great time snapping the stretch of scenic landscape overlooking this temple.

This locale comprises seven water tanks or kunds and Galta kund is considered as one of the holiest ones. Thus, the temple was built at this divine spot which makes it serene as well as breathtaking. This prehistoric site is one of its kind owing to its warm weather and holy environs.

History of Galta Temple

The Galtaji temple was constructed in the 18th century under the patronage of Diwan Rao Kriparam. King Sawai Jai Singh II ruled the location and Kriparam was a Diwan to the kingdom. Probably a mythic story narrates that Saint Galva through his extreme penance had gotten the stream of Ganga river flowing from Gaumukh to this spot. Therefore, the water in the kund is deemed to be pure and clear.

The temple comprises idols of many different gods like Ram, Krishna and Hanuman. The strange fact about the architecture of the Galtaji temple is that it does not appear like a conventional shrine. It resembles a haveli or a royal palace and thus it is considerably different from the other existing ones in Jaipur. The temple is maintained and beautified for organized worship. There are well-carved jharokhas to sit, pray and meditate in this beautiful atmosphere. Owing to its spread on a good expanse of area, it does not feel congested even when there is unseemingly too much of crowd.

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Although visiting here is preferred in winters, Makar Sankranti is celebrated with great joy.  In addition, February and March also see a multitude of guests to the temple.

bird view 2 - Galta (Monkey Temple)
Photo of ‘bird view 2 – Galta (Monkey Temple)’ by Yiqun Ding under CC BY-ND 2.0

Peaceful Time and Enriching Ambience

The Galtaji Temple is located at a distance of 10 km from Jaipur. An explorer or a backpacker can roam around the zone to feel the pleasure of this exotic rural location overviewing hilly terrain. Do not miss the Galwar Bagh Gate, one of the spectacular architectural features of the temple. A traveller will unarguably have an entertaining time watching monkey hopping around the Hanuman temple in the vicinity.

Temple committee conducting a lot of sessions of devotional programs and performance,  a consistent visiting crowd is observed. The devotees offer prayers, worship the kunds and perform rites in the temple. The visitors are allowed throughout the day to offer prayers. Moreover, keeping yourself alert from the bathing monkeys is very important.

Feel the everlasting peace at this holy site of Galtaji temple!

Featured Photo by imke.sta under CC BY-SA 2.0

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