Fun ‘n’ Food Village – A Prominent Amusement Park in Delhi

Inaugurated by the Late Giani Zail Singh (former President of India) in the year 1993, Fun ‘n’ Food Village park is operated by the Polo Amusement Park Ltd. It operates from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Sunday except for Diwali. The nearest metro stations are Guru Dronacharya (Yellow Line) and Dwarka Sector 21 (Blue Line). The nearest bus stand is Kapashera Bus Stand in old Delhi. You can also hire a cab or ride in your own car to reach the park.

The Rides

The park fascinates people of all ages and genders with its enthralling land and water rides.

The Snow Park and the Kiddie Rides

The main attraction of the park is the Snow Park, the largest in India. It especially entertains the kids as they experience the chilled feel of the snow-capped land. The little ones further enjoy themselves in three cute trains exclusively designed for them, the Cat Train depicting the face of a cat, the Mayur Train with compartments designed like a peacock and the Caterpillar ride with the face resembling a caterpillar.

The Intensifying Land Rides

The fun-loving enthusiasts can satisfy their quest for adventure in the super thrilling ride zones. The two most prominent rides are the Magic Carpet swaying to and fro at a high speed against a vertical plane surface and the Tora Tora with compartments revolving in a circular motion in three different movements at an electrifying speed.

That does not end the list. There are many more stimulating rides to intoxicate the soul. The Dragon Ride is one them. Representing a 16th-century pirate ship, the ride sways almost vertically in both directions up and down at an intensifying speed. The Polo Trooper is another thrilling ride where the compartments with the riders revolve in a slanting manner at a high speed swirling outwards. Third comes the Disco Disco, a ride which is bound to spin your head as the cabins rotate in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions. Fun ‘n’ Food Village also hosts the King Wheel, a giant vertical wheel, moving at a high speed creating butterflies inside the stomach. The Air King is a comparatively slow ride, revolving in rapid motion in circles. The Roll n Roll gondolas also offer a pleasant experience as the riders roll around in circular motion inside them.

Asia’s Fastest Water Slide

The park hosts Aqua Shute, the one of the fastest water slide in Asia and longest in India. The riders are seated on a sledge and glided at a super jet speed. The sledges traverse through several turns and glides downwards to splash heavily on the horizontal water lanes.

Accompanied with the Exclusive Water Rides

One of the soothing rides in the water section is the Water Gondola, in the shape of a whale, which waves across a pool of water. If you love swimming the Action River is the best place for you. The 800 feet long calm river entertains visitors of all ages with its sprinklers and water jets placed along the river banks. Varied distinct water slides like the tilting buckets, body slides, water jets, tube slides, sprinklers and many more continue to mesmerize the visitors.

You can exclusively enjoy with your family in the Family Ride. It consists of several tubes each with a capacity of accommodating four family members of friends. The tubes with the riders glide along the slides to splash inside a Jacuzzi.

There are two super thrilling adrenaline pump rides inside the water zone. One is the Tornado where the riders are at first glided through a tunnel, then pulled inside a funnel-like a tornado and finally splashed inside a pool of water. Another is the Speed Coaster with several steep rise and fall gliding the riders at a lightning speed downwards to eventually halt along the horizontal lanes.

Just like the prominent water parks in India and across the World, Fun n Food Village also offers a Wave Pool. The pool is an artificial sea with majestic waves generated in three different patterns. You can enjoy wading across the sea waters and then relax under the umbrella shades with a chilled drink to quench your heart.

And the Kiddie Pools and Rides

There are Kiddie Pools designed exclusively for the little ones. The pools are perfect for toddlers and kids within 5 years of age to jump and splutter along the waters. There are several toys and frog slide to charm them as they giggle around in enjoyment. The Mushroom showers, Bucket showers, Water guns, and Kiddie slides keep the little ones entertained and happy

New Water Park

The Water Park is an area adorned by multiple water slides enticing the visitors with its beauty and grandeur. The prominent slides in this area are Twister slide, Water guns, Rainbow showers, Multi racer slide, Twister slide, Animal showers and Family slide.

Rain Dance

The Rain Dance floor is a huge area to dance and soak under the drizzling rain waters. The rhythmic beats of the music thrill the dancers as they tap their feet and sway their bodies inside the wavy waters.

The visitors can also experience the freshness of a spa, steam bath or an herbal massage inside the health club present in the park. The food court offers wide varieties of eateries from multiple cuisines Continental, Chinese and Indian.

You can spend a whole day filled with fun and frolic inside the park with family, friends, and kids.

Featured Photo of ‘A head for heights’ by Jeremy Segrott under CC BY 2.0

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