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India has the largest number of post offices in the world, do you know this fact? I am sure you do, but do you know that there is also a floating post office in India? The Dal Lake is one of the major attractions in Srinagar. Apart from being known for its enchanting natural beauty, there is one more jewel that shines out on its crown and that is India’s first floating post office! Let’s know this what this floating post office in Srinagar is.

The Floating Post Office – First Of Its Kind In The Entire Country

Floating Post Office Srinagar photoPhoto by Mike Prince

We know that the beautiful land of Kashmir has end number of enchanting attractions. The Dal Lake, Road to Leh, Magnetic Hill are a few names to mention. But the floating post office? Yes located on the Dal Lake, Srinagar is the first of its kind in the entire country – The Floating Post Office. This post office actually adds to the many attractions of Kashmir.

Floating Post Office in Srinagar was inaugurated in August 2011; it’s quite surprising to see how our government is so prompt about giving postal services to the people of Srinagar. This post office is used by more than seven thousand people every year and it still stands strong. It offers regular postal services to the people of Srinagar and also has a philately museum and a shop which sells unique postage stamps and products.

Interesting Facts About The Floating Post Office In Srinagar

Floating Post Office Srinagar photoPhoto by Mike Prince

The concept itself is so interesting, but there are some facts about this post office which makes it very unique. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about this floating post office in Srinagar.

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1. Inauguration

In august 2011 the floating post office was inaugurated by former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah. Since its inauguration, this post office has become a tourist attraction and has been attracting tourists from all across the country. This post office adds to the charm of the Dal Lake and is been looked as a tribute to the beautiful Dal lake.

2. Stands On A House Boat

The Floating Post Office is not a great architectural monument, but it’s a simple post office that stands on a huge house boat.

3. Philately Museum

The philately museum showcases the history of this post office and also displays several fascinating postage stamps.

3. A Shop To Shop

There is a shop which sells postage stamps and other things too. One can shop for picture post cards, greeting cards, books on Kashmir, local souvenir items and stationary from this shop.

4. Services Offered

The Floating Post Office offers regular postal services to the people of Srinagar. Other services offered by the post office are to allow tourists to call and email their family or friends all across the world.

5. Unique Designs On The Letters

One interesting feature about the floating post office is that the letters posted from here bear a very unique design with charming sceneries and scintillating landscapes which symbolizes the beauty of the Dal Lake and Srinagar.

The Dal Lake as we know is known to be one of the most beautiful lakes in the county. The moment we talk about this lake our mind starts conjuring the images of the beautiful shikaras and houseboats. With this write up I hope the floating post office would also float around your mind against the backdrop of snow-clad mountains on the Dal Lake. This lovely floating post office in Srinagar truly adds more and more to its gorgeousness!

Got anything interesting to share about the floating post office or the Dal Lake or Srinihar? Feel free to share it with us as comments.

Featured Photo by Mike Prince

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