First Robot Themed Restaurant In Indiranagar, Bengaluru

In the era of digital technology and artificial intelligence, robotics has gained prominence in information processing and automation. Robotics as a technology is influencing substantially to transform the way of living and working both at work and home. It has an immense potential to increase the efficiency levels of operation by replicating human actions and substituting humans.

First Robot Themed Restaurant In Indiranagar, Bengaluru

India witnessed “Robot-themed” restaurants when two friends Venkatesh Rajendran, a restaurateur and Karthik Kannan, an architect discovered the idea of introducing robots for serving foods. Fascinated by the emerging trends of utilization of robots in Chinese and Japanese eateries, they were interested to bring in the idea to India also. They started with Chennai and Coimbatore as the target cities for operating robot themed restaurants.

Bengaluru witnessed its first robot restaurant at 100 ft road in Indiranagar, inaugurated on August 16. The residents of Bangalore as well as the tourists visiting Bangalore would now be able to enjoy the ultra-modern exclusive dining experience. With the capacity of accommodating 50 diners and offering wide variety of delicacies from the Indian, Chinese and Thai cuisine along with a comprehensive selection of exotic mocktails, the restaurant has started attracting crowd of all ages. Spreading over an area of 3700 square feet, the restaurant is equipped with additional space between the aisles, offering sufficient mobility for the robots to navigate across the floor.

The Robot Team

The team comprises of 6 robots Arya, Ramya, Zoey, Alica and Sansa who are the bearers and the Queen robot who is the usher. The Queen Robot stands at the reception and uses the retina verification of customers to record the details. Next time when the customers visit the restaurant, they can be easily identified. The robots even guide the guests to the table.

The robots run on Android and interactive and programmed to even sing birthday songs and shower wishes. They have the capacity to run for 24 hours with just three hours of charge. The robots run on Japanese technology and have been imported from China.


The restaurant operates every day from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

How to reach

The nearest metro station is Indiranagar. Buses also ply to and fro from the city to the restaurant. You can also hire a cab or ride in your own car to reach the restaurant.

Innovative way to place food and drink orders

A digital tablet is placed on each table. The guests need to place their order from the menu displayed in the tablet. A robot is assigned to each table. Once the orders are placed, the assigned robot will serve the ordered food and drinks. The robots have been intelligently programmed to work efficiently. They are feminine and are adorned with a name tag and colorful scarves. Magnetic strips attached to the ground assist in easy movement of the robots. Soups and appetizers are served on mini trains.

Way of operation

Four to five staff members are present to control and operate the robots. They are specially trained by the manufacturers to handle the robots and resolve any issues and malfunctions. The movement of the robots is controlled with the help of an app. In addition there are several people working inside the kitchen who help the guests to understand the menu and the cuisines.

There has been an overwhelming response from the people in Bengaluru, visiting the Robot restaurant to witness the ingenious operations of the robots. Kids have been especially entertained be it a birthday wish or the cute way of wishing the guests.

The mastermind and owner of Robot Restaurants, Venkatesh Rajendran has expressed his confidence that Bengaluru would bring in the same success as received in Chennai and Coimbatore.

Featured Photo of ‘a lonely robot’ by Matt Wiebe photos under CC BY 2.0

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