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Fire Paan : A New Addition To The Delectable Versions Of Paan

I don’t think I need to introduce you to Paan, well this delicious mouth freshener is pretty much a symbol of India since the Vedic times. India has “n” number of paan shops; one can find a paan stall in almost each and every street in India. And one more interesting thing is that all the paan shops have their own set of customers. I am sure you would have tried end number of delectable versions of Paan, but have you tried the FIRE PAAN. Yes presenting you India’s first fire paan. Stay tuned and come with me on this flaming journey.

What is Paan?

paan photo
mtr paan by Charles Haynes under CC BY-SA 2.0

A typical version of paan consists of a betel leaf which is wrapped in a triangular shape. Before it is folded a mixture of spices, dried fruits, gulkand, sugar and mukhwas is added to the centre. People across India chew paan for its psychoactive and stimulant effects.

Ayurvedic science says that betel leaf or paan contains medicinal properties. They are very useful in curing of conditions like cough, cold and headaches. Another interesting thing to add about paan is that it acts as a breath freshener and also increases passion. No wonder in many Indian weddings the bride and the groom are given a paan to eat before their first night. I guess you understand what I mean here.

Fire Paan: First Of Its Kind In India

paan photo
Paan Banarasiya by ikartik90 under CC BY-SA 2.0

As I told you there are more than hundreds of flavours available when it comes to Paan. And to that wide list there is a new addition, none other than the FIRE PAAN. Yes you read it right the Fire paan is here. I understand it sounds risky, but the maker of this paan has a difference of opinion. He feels it’s not risky, but does require guts to try. The amalgamation of herbs, ice and fire will blow your mind for sure and make you come back for more.

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Fire paan doesn’t use any different ingredients, but is made with the same old paan ingredients like betel leaves, cloves and betel nut. The only difference in this version is that before it is wrapped the ingredients are set on fire. Once the maker puts fire, immediately it is folded and placed directly into the customers’ mouth. Sounds weird and dangerous, but don’t worry as no one has ever burnt their mouth while eating these little shots of flame. The Fire Paan has great demand during winter season.

According to the maker, initially the people hesitated to try the fire paan. But once they did they started enjoying it and now they come frequently to indulge in the fire paan time and again.

One word of caution, please don’t move back when the paanwaala is putting the paan in your mouth, cause if you do the paanwaala might aim it in the wrong place. The idea is to trust him.

The Flaming Paan – Amazing Facts

Check out some amazing facts about this new entrant.

1. The Idea

The idea of Fire Paan is inspired by the Fire Shots of alcohol.

2. The Proud Inventors

Mr. Prem and Chunni Lal are the proud inventors of the fire paan. The have a Paan Shop in the Rajkol city. The name of the shop is Galaxy Paan and it is immensely popular across the state of Gujarat. They started their journey with paan over 30 years ago, precisely in the year 1972.

3. The Perfect Experiment & Recipe

According to the inventors it took them around 45 Day of experimentation to come up this perfect recipe of Fire Paan. This paan is made with the regular ingredients of paan, on the top special cloves are added which are lit on Fire.

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So that was some interesting stuff wasn’t it? The Fire paan originates from Rajkot, but now it is being sold all across India in many different cities by many paanwaalas. Did you try this amazing recipe of Paan? If yes please share your experience with us. Let us know how the amazing shots of flames were. You can share videos, photos and simply drop us a comment at [email protected] .

Featured Photo: Paan by zahrasyed under CC BY-SA 2.0



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