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The Andhra Pradesh being the 4th biggest state in India located on the southeastern coastline of the Indian country. Hyderabad is the capital of the state. Recently at the year of June 2014, this Hyderabad city has been combined with the Telangana State. From 800 BC the epics like Mahabharata and Aitareya Brahmana talks about the State Andhra. “Telugu” which is the native language is every so often connected by the Early Cholas. Andhra Pradesh likewise comes from the rule of great Maurya Empire, the Majestic Ikshvaku Dynasty, legendary Pallava, then Rashtrakutas, Chalukyas also Later Cholas. In India Andhra Pradesh is considered to be the top tourist destination by their enriched cultural heritage prehistoric architecture plus ancient importance.



In India, Tirupati is the best classic and chief traditional and spiritual pilgrimage destination in India. Situated in the southern part of Andhra Pradesh and is located in the foothills of the Eastern Ghats in Chittoor district. Even though the key language here is Telugu, whereas the word Tirupati is the Tamil word since the saint Ramanujacharya who is a Tamil Vaishnava saint is mainly liable for finding this city. The township is famed for the temple devoted to lord ‘Balaji’, who is the form of Lord Vishnu. The history and groundwork of the temple are unknown also it is extended the periods through several empires and Kingdoms comprising the Pallava, Chola, in addition, the Vijaynagar Empire. Despite the temples that are available here, you will also have other attractions like Museum, Deer Park, and Gardens etc.


Vijayawada photoPhotos by ashwin kumar,

This is the third largest state and highly richer in agriculture and has been accepted the Global city of future through McKinsey. Previously the city was called as Bezawada and came under the rule of many ancient kingdoms of South and this place where the pilgrim Hieun Tsang who stayed here. It is situated at the Eastern Ghats hills and where the finest river called Krishna run here. The city’s position is the exclusive plus to its west sets the profound wildernesses of the Kondapalli Reserve Forests that is identified to a house of leopards, wolves, jackals, wild dogs and wild boar. The city is a racial and spiritual destination with its many temples, religious tributes, rivers, antique caves and lots more. You can buy the celebrated Kondapalli toys as remembrances for your nearest and loved ones.

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The term ‘Nellore’ exactly known as ‘Paddy Place’ and is, therefore, unique primary agricultural cities in Andhra Pradesh. The massive paddy arenas of the Damaramadugu are the best of key sources of rice in the state also in the country. Actually, the city is split by the Pennar River into two and hence it is situated at the bank of rivers. Nellore is well-known for its antique temples that are astonishing remaining to their spectacular style than the traditional history related with them. Nellore holds the Nelapattu bird sanctuary a great place for the people who are crazy for photography and also photographic professionals. The enchanting attractions of the city are the temples, lakes, and forts in this primeval agricultural city of Nellore.


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This is also the important agricultural town of Andhra Pradesh that is situated on the banks of River Ponnai. The Major agricultural source of this city lies in crops like mango, sugarcane, peanut and grains. The city holds a unique climate where in the Eastern areas it is very much high and in the area of Western Ghats it is low due to the change in their altitudes. As far as the economy is concerned it is little backward district however it is a prodigious destination to travel also an undiscovered gem for the tourist. The civic through its innumerable hills, streams, forts, temples and an amusing throng of nature is the must visit here. You will have a pleasant mood while visiting the western areas nearby the Horsley Hills. Whereas greatest charms in Chittoor you can cover in a single day also it is further a place to ease and revitalize.

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Kurnool is recognized as the former capital of the Andhra Pradesh state. The city is the eldest city and created the Ketavaram rock paintings, while the city has seen the human being ever since the Paleolithic era. The city is enclosed through the similar consecutively mountain kinds from the north towards south. The several temples then pilgrimage destination in this antique city is not only noteworthy when it derives to their ethnic history however it has the significant architectural inheritance of the city. The Rollapadu Bird Sanctuary is the must-see places in the city and also this city is very much celebrated and suitable for Mother Nature lovers then also shutterbugs. The other attractions of this town places are Kurnool Fort, Nallamala Forest, Adoni Fort, Mahanandi, Kurnool Museum, Kurnool Fort and Mantralayam.

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