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Goa is flourished with different types of tourist attraction. Openly speaking this place holds everything to serve for everyone taste. However, the destination and spots that have actually made Goa stand out are the Goa beaches and Goa churches. If you need to discover the elegance of plentiful Goa churches also the story and importance devoted to them and also you have a massive list to be merged.

The Goa churches are recognized to be the significant institutions. They are the ones who still carry the Portuguese legacy till now. Goa churches also remained to be the great example of Portuguese panache of structural design. During the period 1812 many of the temples were demolished and in turn in those places churched were constructed. Indeed this says that the lands that were used for the temple is seized and it is been given to those churches.

In recent times Goa churches are said to be the archetypal symbol of the European architectural charms too. They not only ensure the religious and ancient values however they have the architectural worth also. In reality, there are several churches which hold boundless social ethics in it. The exclusive motive after that is they contribute enormously towards teaching in Goa.

Apart from all, certain of the churches that are positioned in Goa are incorporated in the frame of the “Archdiocese of Goa”. In fact, you can find some of the churches to be protected site to the Goa state.

Se Cathedral Church

Se Cathedral Church goa photoPhotos by Enygmatic-Halycon,

This church is dedicated to the Catherine of Alexandria. This is the church which as the ancient structure in Goa, that is nothing but the typically Portuguese brick by brick design. The momentous church is situated in the ancient part of the state, directly on the banks of the River Mandovi. Signifying the noble and imperial heaven of the older Portuguese period, Se Cathedral is the significant magnetism at Goa. Extent through a gigantic area, also in India is the one among the largest churches.

Exhibiting the Portuguese-Maneulin structural design, the outer surface of the rambling Se Cathedral is at Tuscan, whereas the interior is Corinthian. The tower of the church holds the “Golden bell” that is highly valued for its rich tone. Leading allure on the exclusive is the altar, which is dedicated to Catherine of Alexandria. For each person delight, the altar contains numerous paintings decorated at both sides of them. Nearby to the offering place, you can notice six panels that depict several scenes of the life of Saint Catherine.The eye-catching statues of St Paul, as well as St Peter, is to be kept there. Enhancing the appeal of this chief fascination in Goa is the attached archaeological museum that stays open for the overall public.

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Reis Magos Church

Reis Magos goa photoPhotos by soham_pablo,

This church is positioned inside the boundaries of the fort. It is been built in the year 1555 and the church is been maintained also managed by the Franciscans. It was blessed to St. Jerome. It is also turned out to be the learning institution for the priest. Indeed many viceroys made it be the usual haunt. The appearance of the Reis Magos Church located in Goa is concerned and also said to be the portico of this church got fabulous Portuguese covering of arms embossed on them.

Apart from that, the church boasts many vibrant and gorgeous interiors. Also, the nest highlight of this church is the marvelous interiors that have the multi-colored wood relief which exhibits three wise men/ Reis Magos offering gifts for Baby Jesus. There is small shire located at the foot of the stairs which is been dedicated to the “Our Lady of Hope”. Each and every year at the month of January 6th the church of Reis Magos originated a vibrant celebration of Feast of Reis Magos or known to be the three kings. On that day the native or the local people bring out a big procession to this church.

Basilica of Bom Jesus

Se Cathedral Church goa photoPhotos by ramesh_lalwani,

The church of Basilica of Bom Jesus is the most popular church in Goa. And the church is been located in the Old Goa. You find several peoples visiting this church. This church has got prodigious importance amongst the Christian communal over the World. The structural design of the church has got the s 16th-century fashion and said to be the first Minor Basilica at India. The church was built during the year 1605 and in recent time it can be changed to the World Heritage Monument. Within the church, it got the holy remains of great Francis Xavier, who is the founder saint of Goa town. At a sea journey to china, the saint Francis Xavier died, in the year 1552 month of December 2. The term Bom Jesus means Infant Jesus. This church remains to be the tribute to the Infant Jesus. The church is comprised of baroque architecture and best among the finest structural designs of India. The Basilica of Bom Jesus church of Goa is completed out with white marble also alter is gold-plated then furnished through attractive wall painting.

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St. Cajetan Church Goa


St. Cajetan Church located in Goa is also called to be the “The Church of Our Lady of Divine Providence” since the leading altar of the church is sacred to it. But the name of the church has been derived from the founder named St. Cajetan, the contemporary of St Francis Xavier. The architectural excellence stands to be the specialty of this church. The design is based on the pattern of Cathedral of St. Peter that is located in Rome. It is constructed of laterite blocks. These blocks will be glazed with lime. Moreover, the altar of the church is completed through intricately. It exhibits the opulent Baroque designs. Actually talking, St. Cajetan Church of Goa is the archetype for further churches for the reason that of its ironic structural design. Several believers regardless of their groups and faith offer this church a regular stopover. It is essentially honored of its Corinthian pillars and columns of massive percentage.

The Church of St. Anne

St Anne church in Talaulim

This church of St. Anne is situated at Talaulim Ilhas in Goa is famously called to be the Santana by the people Goan. The Church of St. Anne holds a bravura construction. Actually, the renovation of this famed church was initially started by the Mons Francisco do Rego and the local people of Goa facilitated him on the same. However, he was unable to complete the renovation of the church and during the year 1965, Fr Antonio Francisco da Cunha took initiative and completed the church.

On the chief altar you can find the statue of St Anne otherwise said to be the mother of Mary. The structural manner of this Church of St. Anne at Talaulim Ilhas in Goa got the marvelous mishmash of European as well as Indian style. This creates the Church of St. Anne to be the unusual section of the architecture of India. The church is situated on the direct bank through Siridao River.

You will observe numerous of legends as well as sagas are devoted to The Church of St. Anne situated in Talaulim Ilhas of Goa. In Goa, the feast of this St. Anne falls in the month of July 26 and celebrated in a very grand manner. The name of this celebration is termed to be “the Cucumber Feast” otherwise “Touceachem Fest” and remains to be the special celebration in all minds of local people of Goa.

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