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Phaltan is one of those places that are located 250 kilometers away from the commercial capital of India, Mumbai. It is a small town with pristine blue skies and comprises of vast green hills. Quite interestingly, the distance of Phaltan from Satara is only 50 kilometers. On the other hand, in earlier times, it was known as the Maratha princely state of the British Empire. At that time, it was ruled by the Nimbalkars. The Nimbalkars are also known as the family that came from Naik Nimbaji Nimbalkar. It is also important to note that one of the wives of Shivaji also belonged to Phaltan. It is a picturesque place where you can drench your soul in the pristine green hills and clear blue skies. You can also witness a lot of sugarcane plantations on your drive to Phaltan.

Interesting things to do in Phaltan

It is one of those places where you would find peace and tranquility in equal measures. It can be your ideal weekend getaway trip if you are a resident of Mumbai and Pune. There are various types of interesting activities you can pursue in this place. One of the popular activities of travelers is to plan a picnic at the Windmill farm that is situated in Pusegaon. It is one of the most dreams like places in Maharshtra. On the other hand, these farms at Pusegaon are one of the most romantic places in Pusegaon. You can also opt for carrying pre-cooked food so that there are no underlying problems with your meal. This place offers one of the most amazing sunsets and you can find more than 250 windmills in the region. These windmills produce enough energy to power up the town of Phaltan.

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The aspect of visiting the Ajinkyatara Fort

This fort came into existence in 1193 AD and was constructed by King Bhoj. It is one of those forts where you would find a lot of old architecture. If you are a fanatic of old fort architecture, then visiting this fort would be your best bet. It was also the fourth capital of the great Maratha leader Shivaji and was also utilized by him to thwart enemy soldiers. This fort in later years has undergone transformation under the Sultanate Dynasty. Hence, you can see a blend of Maratha architectural culture as well as the Sultanate culture. You can also opt to see the old artifacts kept preserved at the basement of this fort. Among the notable artifacts, the sword and shield are some of the items on display that would transport you back tp, history.

Opt for visiting the Rajwada Palace

You can opt for visiting the Rajwada Palace of the royal family of Phaltan. You can also book tours to this fort with the help of local travel agents. You can also opt to visit the vineyards and can also indulge yourselves in a farm life. Quite interestingly, you can also opt to undertake a tractor and bullock cart ride. Moreover, to add vibrancy to your farm life, you can enjoy the early morning breakfast. Furthermore, the rural stay would award you with various advantages in form of acquainting yourselves with the local culture and folklore.

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The aspect of visiting the valley of flowers

The valley of flowers is located 30 kilometers away from Satara and you can find a lot of flowers. If you are still young from soul, then you can see yourself as a butterfly. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site. You would find that the flowers usually start to bloom from the end of the September. You can also opt to visit the Kaas Lake and its surroundings. The surroundings are peaceful and are also a quick drive away from the valley of flowers. A majority of the flowers of Maharshtra are found in this area and you can witness a lot of beautiful and magnificent flowers. You can also select the local farmer’s market to have an overwhelming shopping experience in form of fresh farm produce.

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From Farms To Trekking – Why Should Phaltan Be On Your Next Getaway List

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