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The mighty state of West Bengal lies at the Eastern part of India. You might wonder as to if the state is situated at the Eastern border of the country, then is it called the West Bengal? The answer is historically simple. Before partition, India was a country which acquired the lands of now Pakistan and Bangladesh. After nineteen forty-seven, India was divided into, and Pakistan came into being. In the next partition of the year nineteen seventy-one, the extreme Eastern part of India was separated from India bordering today’s West Bengal. From that time onwards, the province of Bengal became two, one is a separate country Bangladesh, and the other is the state of West Bengal. Another thing common about these two fragments of the lands is that both the country as well as the state has a native language Bengali, which is spoken by the majority of people. Other than Bengali, the other major languages spoken in the state of West Bengal are Hindi and English. West Bengal can be called as a miniature India because one can witness the mighty rivers flowing from the lap of Himalayan Mountains which meets the sea at one of the world’s most popular dense mangrove forests. It is needless to say that the state is considered to be a tourist’s paradise with all its rivers, hills, coniferous and mangrove forests, and a great oceanic bay.

West Bengal photo

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The state of West Bengal is furnished by Mother Nature in the form of enriched flora and fauna which is spread across the vast undulating terrain of hills, plateaus, Highland and alluvial lands. This state has got the Himalayan ranges in the North and the Bay of Bengal to the South. West Bengal as a state is a great confluence of culture, food, people, art, music and what not? Somebody has rightly said that whenever any person takes a tour of this great place, he or she will leave a part of his or her soul at this place. From grand monuments to the largest railway station, to scenic rural views to the cultural hustle of the busy city, this state has got everything to offer which the tourists need. West Bengal has got its handful of wonders which she offers to the people belonging from other parts of India or even the globe.

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Why is West Bengal the Sweetest Part of India?

When you visit the state, the very first thing that will welcome you warmly is the sweets. West Bengal is considered to be the native home of the world famous Rasgullas and Sandesh. In your tour of the city of joy, Kolkata, which is the capital of the state, you will come across ate least three sweet shops at every nook and corner of the place. Not only Rasgulla or Sandesh, but you can also indulge in the taste of other tantalizing sweet creations like Rasmalai, Chhena Payesh, Goja, Jalebi, Imarti, Rasmalai and hundreds of other forms of sweet meats during your tenure of stay at this city.

West Bengal photo

Photo by kg.abhi

The other food items found in the state

Kolkata is also popular as the native place of the world famous Kati roll. Kati roll is a chicken roll, where the pieces of marinated and smoked chickens along with salads, sauces, and creams are stuffed inside a fried flatbread or Paratha. The entire arrangement is then rolled up and then presented to the gastronomic enthusiasts to satiate his or her hunger or rather craving. One can also come across the globally popular China Town of Kolkata, where an array of authentic Chinese restaurants can be found inside an entire township. Moving on, you must have heard about the famous Kolkata Biriyani supposedly. The Biriyani here is popular because of its inclusion of a spice steamed Potato. In fact, once the Kolkata Biriyani was voted among the top five Biriyani variants of the country just because of this unique addition. The Kolkata Biriyani is less spicy, non-tangy and skillfully crafted to retain the flavors of authentic Mughal seasonings.

The Historical significance of the State

West Bengal has always been a place of interest of the colonizers of the world like French and the English, and this led to the gradual modernization of the state. The French and the English rulers modernized the then Bengal by introducing the modern languages like French, English and even Spanish to the people of the state. Back then, the children of the esteemed families and the elites only had the opportunity to come close to these modern foreign elements. Slowly, these foreign attributes took over the art and cultural facets of the place. West Bengal has given birth to many imminent personalities and revolutionaries who brought change into the daily lives of the commoners of the country. If you get to study the cultural history of West Bengal, you will be astonished to learn that West Bengal’s culture is a great significance of the Renaissance period which was brought on by the eminent thinkers of the society. These thinkers were able to break the cultural barriers with the confidence they got from getting exposed to the modern education. Then Calcutta, initially, during the reign of the British rulers, served as the capital place of their colonized kingdom, which later got shifted to Delhi. So you can very well imagine the variety of English architectural wonders that are spread not only in Kolkata but also across the state.

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Other than monuments, West Bengal is also the harbor of many temples, mosques, and churches. One can witness the Bandel Church which was built during the rule of French invaders. The Dakshineshwar Kali Temple, Kalighat, Victoria Memorial, National Library, Cooch Behar Rajbari, and even the ghats of the capital river Ganga were all developed during the rule of the colonizers. West Bengal is also the native home of the world famous Royal Bengal Tiger which is found in the mangrove density of Sunderbans. You can also come close to the mighty peak of Kanchenjunga by visiting the hill station of Darjeeling.

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Exploring The Sweetest Part Of India, West Bengal

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