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The moment when we hear about Goa, we always actually think about the stunning long beaches that will flow up in your feet. Goa always remains to be one of the best tourist destinations of India. Goa is the fertile natural heaven surrounded by the one side through the foothills of Sahyadri range then by the other part the great Arabian Sea. Goa the tiny green land bounded by sapphire waters in the West coastline in India, by their natural attractive prettiness, gorgeous seashores and famed structural design temples, splendid churches, outstanding parties plus festivals then it’s amusing Anglo-Indian legacy is the prodigious allure for entire travellers. Goa is known to be the pearl of the east.

Apart from the wow inspiring lovely beaches, it is been also gifted by waterfalls, lakes together with awesome spring with supreme Mother Nature beauty. Goa is situated far away by the major crowds, on the interiors and too away from the coastline. You have two major waterfalls in Goa that arise by excessive heights and wave over the rocky terrains. These two undulating cascades trough their silvery water appeal crowds of travellers who desire wonderful loneliness by isolated nature slightly than the cool and thriller of packed beaches.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Dudhsagar Waterfalls photoPhotos by wonker 

This Dudhsagar Waterfall is on the border of the Karnataka state and to Goa, that drop from a height about 600 meters. This falls is been recognised to be the one of India’s highest waterfall. This waterfall is also called to be the “ocean of milk”. The Dudhsagar is really a spectacular destination that you should never miss out on the vacation to your Goa. The snowy drape of water which drops down over 2000 feet into the rough valley at the same time it charms a stable arrival of visitors each and every year, by the coastline by the rocky Western Ghats. Your visit to Goa will not be completed without stopping at this Dudhsagar Waterfalls.

The ancient Vasco Castle Rock Railway that passes by this great Dudhsagar Waterfalls. But it is been shut over the previous three years since there was a track adaptation labor was going on it. Dudhsagar Waterfalls is supposed to be amongst one of the topmost Waterfalls which are in India, The headwaters of River Mandovi slashes through the mighty Deccan Plateau also breakdowns into three water courses that drizzles down, on the surface of the upright cliff. In Konkani name the Dudhsagar waterfalls mean ‘sea of milk’ if it is translated, for the reason that of that the clouds of froth which growths up at the lowest while the water levels tend to be at the best. The spectacle view of the Dudhsagar Falls that appears similar to the stream of milk gracefully flowing towards the mountain sides is really unexceptional then in the dawn with its mystic lights it will appear still more hypnotizing.

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Dudhsagar Waterfalls photo

Photos by soumyajit pramanick 

Location of Dudhsagar Waterfalls

The Dudhsagar Falls is situated on the east border in Goa then Karnataka that is about 60 Km towards the Margoa that is of South Goa.

Best time to visit

The matchless season to have the awe-inspiring sight of Dudhsagar falls plus immerse in the exquisiteness in the Monsoon while the falls come to be alive. Still, it is finest to discover it straightaway later the Monsoons starting by the month of October till midst of the December since the road is a lot unreachable at the time of monsoon.

Arvalem Waterfalls

arvalem-waterfall 1

The Waterfalls is located near the Rudreshwar of Goa. Arvalem Waterfalls falls form the height of about 24 feet and touches the bottom surface by creating a large lake. The Arvalem Caves otherwise said the Pandavas Caves is positioned very much nearby the Arvalem Waterfalls. For the tourist delight, the government of Goa has made a wonderful park that is very much close to the Arvalem Waterfalls.

The destinations that are near the Arvalem Waterfalls of Goa have special significance. This is the place where the religious ceremony would be completed to pacify the souls of Hindus departed that would be on the 12th day of person death. India is the place of candid Mother Nature serenity. Furthermore, nature has liberally presented Goa by the breathtaking natural splendor. Amongst all the various tourist destinations, this Arvalem waterfalls is the best of striking landscapes at Goa, loads a superior declaration so cheers to its highest magnificence.

Location Of Arvalem Waterfalls

The Arvalem Waterfall that is situated in the Goa is positioned Nine km that is south to Bicholim town. Actually, in this waterfall, the water drops about a height of 70 feet. The initial spectacle of the Arvalem waterfall creates waves in the heart is that much a wonderful one. Once at the sight of the waterfalls, you cannot repel your temptation to have a swim at the extremity of the Arvalem waterfall at the spot where it will make the lake.

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arvalem-waterfall 2

You will be mesmerised through the booming stream of water flowing down the stony rock face. It is certainly a royal waterfall shedding its lively shiny sprays every year extended and mesmeric the troops ever since eternities. Apart from them you can have a visit to the popular 5th centuries Rock Cut caves known to be the “Aravalem Caves” otherwise is also called to be the Pandava caves, titled later the five Pandava brothers in the Mahabharata epic. In addition to this, you can also find the Shree Rudreshwar Temple that is been situated in the same spot and it is a destination for the yearly Shivratri Zara.

You will come to learn more things when to start exploring the Arvalem caves. The waterfall is completely delighted next to the monsoon as well as its eyesight creates the travelers joyful in delight. For this waterfall also the government of Goa has built a beautiful park through where you can enjoy the picturesque beauty. The nearby antique caves enhance the feel of antiqueness of this appealing place that provides the chief fascination to the film producers making it as the much-loved shooting destination of them.

Best time to visit

The perfect time to make a trip to the Arvalem Waterfalls is merely after the ample monsoon while it offers the extensive, enthralling in addition to wild unrealistic sight.

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Explore The Two Major Waterfalls In Goa

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