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In recent days summer season is showing its temperature at its peak, the big ball of fire is not showing mercy to us. So summer is the best season and time to escape to the faraway land also from the mad crowd so as so to enjoy some comfort and escape the sizzling heat. And nothing better than the hill holiday would perfectly match your weekends. Listed below is some mesmerizing hill station near Hyderabad that are the hidden gems which need to be explored.

Ananthagiri Hills

Ananthagiri-HillsPhotos by flickrPrince,

The Ananthagiri hill in Hyderabad is one among the desired trekking destination for the adventurous thrillers in Hyderabad. You could delight in the best of Mother Nature here. This hill always remains to be the ultimate weekend gateways.

Reaching Ananthagiri Hills

It is at a distance of 1 Kms from Hyderabad. The nearby railhead is Vikarabad.

Things to do

The Ananthagiri is the great place for the novice trekkers. Delight in stroll of Ananthagiri forest that creates best looks of the valley and waterfalls. It is ideal to camp at the Deccan trail. Enjoy in activities like balancing boards, Tarzan swing, rock climbing and Spider web.

Nagarjuna Sagar

Nagarjuna Sagar photoPhotos by siddhu2020,

Than that of water, nothing can beat the heat of the sun. Even though it is not exactly the hill station yet the three hills at Hyderabad enclosing the rivers through the royal Nagarjuna Sagar Dam and then the water gushes over the 12 gates as you pass it worth the view.

Reaching Nagarjuna Sagar

It is 164km far from Hyderabad by way of the road. Or you can choose a direct train from the Hyderabad till Macherla that would take around 3 hours. Macherla is the closest railway station to Nagarjunasagar.

Things to do

Relish in the incredible view of the dam enclosed by means of three mountains in addition to the rivers. Take the boat trip towards the island in the Nagarjunakonda valley located among the Nagarjunakonda Mountains. Visit the museum to have a sight at the awe-inspiring collection of the great ancient Buddha temple. Ethipothala Waterfalls assures the puzzling sight of the enthralling beauty of the waterfall.


SrisailamPhotos by itsmaheshdesu,

The religious hill station very much close to Hyderabad, this destination assures an eccentric drive to the temples as well as the caves while rediscovers the spiritual India.

Reaching Srisailam

The Srisailam is roughly 212 km from that of Hyderabad. You will have many buses linking the town with Hyderabad, Guntur, Vijayawada and Kurnool. The estimated travel duration from Hyderabad to Srisailam would be 4 hours.

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Things to do

Discover the Ista Kameswari Temple- the exciting drive through the forest towards the temple would really fresh you up. You can pick up the ropeway to attain the Akkamahadevi Caves. You would be awestruck in seeing how dark it is inside these caves since they are 80 feet deep.

Horsley hills

Horsley hillsPhotos by eamoncurry123,

Horsley Hills is the ideal get away from that of the mad rush of the town and promise you one among the great looks of Mother Nature. It is between the utmost tranquil hill stations near Hyderabad for the relaxed holiday.

Reaching Horsley hills

It is nearly 530 Kms from the Hyderabad. The closest railhead is the Madanapalle Road that would be 13 km away, linked through the Dharmavaram towards Tirupati passenger apart from that you can also choose the biweekly train 12732 Secunderabad towards Tirupati Express.

Things to do

The interesting part is to trek towards the topmost of the hill to delight the prodigious sights of surprising Mother Nature. Visit to have the view of Thimmamma Marrimaanu that is said to be the biggest banyan tree. Have fun on the boat ride by the Lake Gangotri. If you are traveling with your kids then don’t miss to visit the Horsley Hills Museum.


LambasingiPhotos by train_photos,

The Lambasingi destination is no doubt a hidden gem of the South India that is always called to be the Kashmir of South India. It is an ideal place to beat the heat at the time of course of summer season near Hyderabad. If you desire to experience the snowfall at the time of winter season at the South then this is a flawless palace.

Reaching Lambasingi

The distance from the Hyderabad is about 571 Kms. It is the best option to pick the train from Hyderabad towards Visakhapatnam and then hire a cab.

Things to do

Delight in the magnificence of nature at this cool and serene undiscovered hill station. You can go camping and explore this pepper and coffee plantations that have been cultivated ever since the British Regime in India.


DandeliPhotos by satguru,

Dandeli is between the adventures hill stations near Hyderabad. Dandeli at the Western Ghats is celebrated for its diverse culture in addition to lush green environs. It is the best hill station through hygienic climate all through the year.

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Reaching Dandeli

Dandeli is at a distance of 595 km from Hyderabad. Boards from Hyderabad Kacheguda then get down in Hubli Junction. It is the short drive away from the Hubli junction till Dandeli.

Things to do

Dandeli recognized to be the tropical rainforest is the perfect destination for trekking. It is popular for the white water rafting and many water sports. Explore the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary while you could have sight on certain black panthers, Tigers, Malabar Giant Squirrels, Deer, Elephants, Crocodiles and Wild Dogs at the natural habitat. Dandeli is celebrated for the Ulvi temple, Syntheri rocks, and Kavala caves.

Araku Valley

Araku-Valley1Photos by roadconnoisseur,

Another well celebrated and the best explored hill station near Hyderabad, the Araku Valley. This valley is said to be the picturesque tourist destination and a dominant coffee generating agronomic town.

Reaching Araku Valley

Araku valley is almost at a distance of 706 Kms from Hyderabad. The close railhead is the Araku. You can attain there by way of Janmabhoomi Express.

Things to do

The Araku valley offers the impressive look of the Ananthagiri Hills. The short drive provides a great view of the coffee plantations at the Ghat route. The Araku valley holds the biggest number of waterfalls and you are said to not miss out the Damuku Viewpoint. You can stop by the Mulberry Gardens, Araku Tribal Museum, and Government Silk Farm. Tyda Park delivers the great opportunity to find wildlife up very close.


Ooty1Photos by roadconnoisseur,

It is well situated in the Nilgiri hills; Ooty delivers the ideal destination to discover if you are seeking for the unrivaled vacation idea so as to beat the summer heat in south India. You would be attracted to the supreme beauty this hill station to be store for all.

Reaching Ooty

Ooty is about 850 Kms from Hyderabad. You can get into the Shirdi Express (22601) in Secunderabad Junction and the get down in Coimbatore. Ooty is nearly 85 Kms from that of Coimbatore.

Things to do

The Kal banaga, which is the very much popular as the stone house is really a must visit destination here. The Government Botanical Gardens show horticulture at diverse forms. There are pretty a scarce destination close Ooty like the Doddabetta that is 10 km far; Kalhatty Falls is about 13 km away in addition to Kandal Cross Shrine that is nearby to the railway station.

Featured Image Photos by Arjun Singh Kulkarni,

Explore The Mesmerizing Hill Stations Near Hyderabad

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