Explore Karbude Tunnel In The Coastal State Of Maharashtra

If you have the same desire to travel like me and have often set out on an adventure to explore this geographically diverse and beautiful country, than journeying through trains is a splendid way to get the most out of your voyage. The scenic beauty that one sees while travelling through Indian Railways is unparallel to any other experience.

What adds to these journeys are the railway tunnels that provide thrill and enthusiasm to travelers. The railway tunnels serve as one of most reasonably priced mode of transport among the existing travel modes in India. It not only avoids disturbing but also involves in minimum interference with the surface life and traffic of a place.

Konkan railway set-up is one of the most picturesque routes in India. The creation of the whole of Konkan railway was an extremely challenging project due to the difficult topography of the place. In the year 1989 the tedious work of creating this engineering marvel began. The mountainous area of the Western Ghats and the malleable soil of the Shayadri Mountain made it quite a challenge for the engineers to build tunnels and bridges in that area.  Overcoming all the hitches the project was completed within a record time of seven years and three months.  All this was possible only under the able guidance of the then chairman and managing director Mr. E Shreedharan and his team of experts.

Special Hydropower equipment’s were imported from Sweden just to dig the tunnels in this area. This railway line has filled up the missing link that needed to connect Mangalore and Mumbai along the western coast.  It is a single track rail route and it caters to both freight and passengers. The foliage that you see around this route is mesmerizing to any tourist. This line connects Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka along the west coast of India and Western Ghats. It has around 92 tunnels and 179 major bridges. Karbude tunnel is one the major tunnels that you would find while travelling in this direction. It is numbered as 35 if you are travelling from the direction of Mumbai.

Karbude tunnel, situated in the coastal state of Maharashtra, opened in the year 1997. It is 4.6 km long. The length of the track of this tunnel is 6506 meters. One comes across this engineering marvel just after the Bhoke railway station while coming from Goa towards Mumbai. It was one of the longest tunnels in India until 11.21 km long Pir Panjal came into the picture in the year 2013. It allows you to explore the Konkan coast from an absolutely new angle. This tunnel is an element of great pride and victory for the Indian railways and forms a very important part of these 738 kms of Konkan line.  This line has helped the people of the Konkan region save a lot of travel time and money and forms a very important part of the Konkan railway line.

If next time you plan a trip where you want to embark on an exciting journey filled with water falls, tunnels and bridges do get yourself a ticket for the Konkan railways.  The beautiful hills, the flora and the fauna will definitely be etched on your mind forever. If you happen to be travelling from Mumbai, keep a count of the tunnels and look out for the 35thone to charm you for life.

Featured Photo of ‘DSC09288’ by Hindol Bhattacharya under CC BY-SA 2.0

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