Experience The Captivating Attractions Of Tamenglong District In Manipur

Manipur, a state in India crowned with jewels of nature’s enticing wonders and beauty, stands almost in solitude among the vast magnitude of the country. Exploring its offbeat travel destinations is indeed exciting and enchanting. Tamenglong is one such exquisite spot blessed with God’s gift of captivating panoramic landscape.

The flora and fauna prevailing in this wondrous and surreal place entices the nature lovers. Unique species of birds, animals and plants adorn its picturesque and diverse environment.

“The human mind feels like immersing deep into this stunning beauty. The human soul feels like engrossing into its mystic aura.”

Interesting Facts about Tamenglong

Tamenglong is actually a district, adorned by the majestic hills, gorgeous valleys and serene small hamlets. It offers a plethora of attractions, beckoning tourists to witness its enthralling scenery. Diverse wildlife and dense forests invite photographers, adventure enthusiasts and bird watchers into its core of enigmatic charm.

One of the specialities of the place is the platter of local dishes served at its food stalls, street-side shops and the restaurants. You can enjoy the delectable fish delicacies along with rice and chillies. The aroma of the dishes are tempting especially Ngri, Kangsoi and Eromba.

Tamenglong district is famous for hosting popular local festivals. The war festival, Rih Ngai and the harvest festival, Gan Ngai are quite renowned among the tribes.

The Key Attractions of Tamenglong

The district is phenomenal in alluring tourists into its phenomenal sight-seeing spots.

Imagine enjoying the beauty of a lake and experiencing the thrill of wildlife simultaneously I a single space. A unique and mysterious experience indeed. That’s Zeilad Lake, a sensational place beaming with various species of birds and animals. Reptiles, amphibians and water birds are found in abundance in the lake waters. Due to its diverse fauna, the lake is now denoted as a wildlife sanctuary and has converted into a major tourist attraction.

Indulge into the misty waters of the gushing Barak waterfall. Comprising of 7 falls, it is wonderful to watch the waters sprawling from heights, embracing the rocky cliff walls and splashing on the ground. The wavy sounds is like a music to the ears.

Your adventurous wanderlust desire can be fulfilled by exploring the Tharon Cave. Spreading across a length of almost 655.6 meter, it is fun and amusing to discover the path inside the cave. Archaeologists believe that this ancient cave may belong to the Holocene period.

Meadows are a craze to watch due to their huge stretches of land and vastness around. You can witness such a fabulous experience in the Buning Meadows. Lillies and wild orchids enhance the beauty and magnificence of the meadows during the spring. Sparkling water streams and small lakes meander across the enthralling landscape, adding into the marvel and charm of the place.

The dense forests are the home of various wild animals like the deer, fox, leopard, boar, bear, hyena and many more. Local and rare birds are also found in abundance especially the fowls and the pheasants. Water birds like cranes, ducks, kingfishers, heron flutter across the water streams and lakes, a marvellous sight to watch and enjoy.

The flora prevailing in the forests is also mesmerizing. The wild flowers, shrub and the deciduous trees spread out like a green carpet on the mountain slopes.

A Treasure, power-packed with Natural aura

Whenever we plan for a tour, we list out the prominent sightseeing spots. But there are immense hidden treasures in India that need to be explored and nourished. The ethereal beauty embedded within them has the potential to attract thousands of tourists not only from India but from abroad too.

Tamenglong district, with its enrapturing and delightful landscape, is sure to create a spellbound experience for the travellers. The place is a delight for travel freaks who love discovering nature.

The place is best to be visited during the winters and the spring when the weather is pleasant and soothing. You can either board a train and reach Dimapur railway station or travel via air to reach the Imphal airport. There are ample buses and cars available from different parts of the state towards Tamenglong.

Next time when you visit Manipur, ensure to add the astounding place in your itinerary. You are sure to carry with you some fond memories to cherish life long.

Featured Photo of ‘Far east India: Manipur’ by Nick Irvine-Fortescue under CC BY-ND 2.0

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