Experience Serenity At Shoja Village In Himachal Pradesh

Entangled in the daily monotonous mundane life, the human mind searches for peace and tranquillity. Shoja village in Himachal Pradesh is such an enviable destination, a relief from the anxieties and troubles. The wondrous hamlet offers a multitude of natural wonders, coaxing travel enthusiasts into its picturesque lap.

The stunning views of the snow-capped majestic Himalayan mountain ranges transform the place into a heavenly abode. The dense green forests beckon nature admires into its core. Gushing waterfalls, serene lakes and historic forts are the key attractions of the spectacular hamlet.

A Hidden Gem

Shoja village is indeed a hidden gem. Away from the crowded city life, the place is packed with nature’s enigmatic treasures to indulge and engage. A walk through the captivating spot is worth a visit multiple times. The freshness in the air and the calmness in the breeze are divine. The sprawling trees rise high up embracing the bright blue sky above, a memorable experience for travel freaks.

Sitting and relaxing inside the village brings you forth at the vicinity of the breathtaking scenery. The mystic beauty concealed within enchants the soul. The mind delves into a world of eternity. Each and every moment transfixes your heart into surreal calm and peace. Its indeed an astounding feeling of happiness, illustrating a mesmerizing experience for the travellers.

Enjoy the Flora and the Fauna

Shoja is a sub part of the Great Himalayan Park, well known for its exotic wildlife and astonishing flora. You can observe the deodar and cedar trees adorning the village environment, presenting a soothing view of the lush greenery. Oaks and bamboo trees are also visible within the dense vegetations. Strolling or trekking amid the wide canopy of trees is magical. You may imagine yourself wandering across a fairyland.

Several species of local birds flock around the forest area. Their melodious chirping creates a musical atmosphere, and entertainment for the ears. Bet you will never experience even seconds of boredom while exploring this enthralling place. Blue Robins, Monals, Nutcrackers and many others reside in the forests, an ideal place for bird watchers and wildlife photographers.

As you move upward the mountain slopes, you can observe several species of animals especially the snow leopards, deer, sheep and the bear. It is a thrilling experience to watch the animals in their natural habitat.

The Waterfall Point

Waterfall Point at Shoja is a captivating place to enrapture your minds into nature’s beauty. A walk along the vicinity of the gulping waterfalls is a unique experience. It generates a feeling of vastness and grandeur. The waters gushing past the mountain cliffs and splashing on the ground create a cloudy miraculous mist around. The snowy foams further enhances the dazzling beauty of the adjacent surroundings.

The walk towards the point from the village is short, in fact, mystical encircled by nature’s marvellous wonders.

Many tourists prefer trekking towards the village and enjoy the beauty by crossing the mountain and forest trails. You can feel the enchanting scenery very closely and discover the jewels hidden inside this delightful hamlet.

Shoja village is slowly turning out to be popular among the tourists. Its gorgeous beauty is gaining precedence among travel enthusiasts. You must not miss the scintillating views of the sunrise and sunset. The rays of the sun reflect around the forest trees and embellish the sky with a golden hue.

The place is specifically beautiful on the month of June. The greenery is at its full peak coupled with the bright vibrant-coloured wildflowers blooming along the mountain slopes. The weather is pleasant and comfortable throughout the year, the winters are a bit chilled. But the snow and icy cold is a different experience, if you love witnessing the snow-capped mountains and forests.

Reaching the village is fairly easy and convenient. You can board a flight to reach the Bhuntar airport or avail the train to reach Joginder Nagar railway station. Buses, cabs for hire are available in abundance. Though you can hire a cab to experience the village, but it is best recommended to walk or hike around.

The beauty of the village is unparalleled. You must not miss out visiting Shoja while touring Himachal Pradesh. It’s an offbeat destination, perfect to spend a vacation with family and friends.

Featured Photo of ‘Old lady from Grahaan’ by Navaneeth Kishor under CC BY 2.0

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