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The Mysterious North Sentinel Island

As this 21st century is developing at an unpredictable rate, there still exists an island where people live the palaeolithic-age lifestyle. When in the world where nuclear war possibilities are in plenty, people in that place are oblivious to the occurrence of the modern-day world. This is the naked truth of the people living in that place. For the ones who don’t have an idea about what place this blog is talking about, here’s introducing North Sentinel Island. Located far into the Indian Ocean’s Bay of Bengal, it is one of the most isolated places on earth. Home to world’s most dangerous tribe, it offers immense beautiful captures (which many travel enthusiasts might even not be aware of, unknowingly!) Touted as the Sentinelese tribe, the tribe has already refrained from the outside world. They fiercely protect their island (read their world) from anyone approaching there.

over the indian ocean.
Photo of “over the indian ocean.” by alyssa BLACK. under CC BY-SA 2.0

The forest’s thick canopy prevents it from gathering its information and delivering it to the world. As a matter of fact, the North Sentinel Island population is not really known, as no one has ever succeeded in knowing how many folks inhabit the island in general. Contrarily, reports indicate that the island comprises a total of 250 individuals residing there. This is, in fact, one of the lesser-known north sentinel island facts of the place. To know more of it, keep reading on.

Features 59.6 km square roughly same area as Manhattan Island of New York

Located in the Bay of Bengal, this is one such island that comprises the Andaman Island Archipelago. The island features 59.6 km square which is the same as New York’s Manhattan Island. As a matter of fact, this place is merely 142 km and 1,200 km away from Sumatra and mainland India respectively. Since 26 December 2004, the topography of North Sentinel Island has changed. The reason was due to the occurrence of tsunami and earthquake in the Indian Ocean. Right after the earthquake occurred, it plates tectonics plate tectonics and lifted it by a total of two meters. Upon the lifting of the land, there occurred the exposure of the corals. These have recently become dry land, hence called shallow lagoons. But before tsunami and earthquake, the place comprised forested islet in the name of Constance Islet.

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Tribes Living in the Area Are Un-contacted by Modern-Day Culture

The tribes living in the North Sentinel Island are Negrito people who are left uncontacted and untouched by the modern-day civilization. The Negrito tribe is basically an ethnic dark-skinned group. According to the north sentinel island facts; this tribe has its own origin in Africa. According to the sources, the tribe has migrated to this Indian island through Indonesia some sixty thousand years ago. Since 1800, various attempts have been made in order to contact these people. However, they met with hostilities which, at times, resulted in normal casualties. As this group isn’t anywhere contacted by the modern-day civilization, they might have no resistance to the modern sufferings. And any contact with the world outside might result in the tribe’s death.

The Aftermath of Tsunami in the North Sentinel Island

According to the observational data that has been gathered, the north sentinel island population is estimated to be around a total of 250 individuals. Upon the occurrence of the 2004 tsunami, there was fear that the tribe might have got wiped out. However, reports indicate that they have survived despite tsunami killing more than 230,000 individuals in the surrounding countries. It seems that the tribal group might have sensed the occurrence of the tsunami in the area. Therefore, they reportedly had escaped to higher grounds. There has been plentiful information on the North Sentinel Island deaths. According to the reports, in 2006 the island made headlines after the tribe killed two fishermen who approached this island illegally. Right upon the north sentinel island deaths occurrence, 3-mile zone imposed around the place.

North Sentinel Island is such an island where murder is absolutely legal. While this place has multiple beautiful captures, you can’t have the license to pay a visit to (unfortunately).

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Featured Photo pf “Near Sentinel Rock” by Ken Lund under CC BY-SA 2.0

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