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India is always called to be the “land of religious shrines”. SO one among such is the shrine is the cave temple of Amarnath which is been located in the caves of Jammu and Kashmir state. Going to the pilgrimage tour for Amarnath is recognized to be the touch the devout Hindu, mainly the Shaivites (Shaivites are not but the people are sincere believers of Lord Shiva) need to go at least on one occasion in their lifetime.

Amarnath photoPhotos by J I G I S H A a.k.a Nitin Badhwar,

Amarnath Yatra is extremely honored as well as pilgrims will feel heavenly plus sacred while they see the ice stalagmite molded Linga of Lord Shiva. The importance of the Amarnath Ji Yatra is been arise through the legend that is been linked with the great Lord Shiva expressing the top-secret of being everlasting to his partner, Ma Parvati. To make sure that none of the others being heard that tale, Lord Shiva will leave all the elements that were alongside the way.

The place where he left the moon, snakes together with the many are the further places for worshipping which are located close towards the Amarnath. Lord Shiva put on effort hard to prevent the entire beings from hearing this secret, yet, an egg beneath the place where he takes a seat when telling the story, heard each term of it. Therefore, the pigeons which came out from that egg turn out to be immortal. These could be watched by the pilgrims on the Mountain of the Amarnath.

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Coming to this Amarnath Yatra is always not at all easy. Yes, it is true. Firm core pilgrims will march the sharp hill starting from the Baltal otherwise, they will choose the extensive journey through trekking alongside the Chandwari by means of Sheshnag till the cave shrine of Amarnath. There is the too facility for the helicopter ride to reach the shrine deprived of difficulties of walking as well as trekking for those people who could spend a slight extra money.

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You could register for the great Amarnath Yatra at the official website that is been offered by the Jammu and Kashmir Government. You could similarly benefit from the tour packages for Amarnath that will comprise of the several exploring on top. There are also various other tourism packages offered by several brands that too by the means of Helicopter too. Usually, this is started from the place of Baltal. The hotel accommodation will be good at Baltal, and then Srinagar or else you can choose Sonamarg for taking rest during the journey.

Amarnath lingam photoPhotos by J I G I S H A a.k.a Nitin Badhwar,

Usually, the packages that are focused on the tourism websites to Amarnath will offer you very much comfort together you can relish in the taste of the place that is famous well-known as the ‘Paradise on Earth’ – Kashmir, most prominently Srinagar. You can delight in the heavenly Mughal Gardens, in addition, to staying in the houseboat that is a pleasingly calming experience, so delight in the mystical Journey towards Amarnath which is really memorable yatra and worth your lifetime.

Enlighten In The Mystical Journey Towards Amarnath

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